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Jimmy Here Revealed His Cute Girlfriend on Twitch

Prasiddha Gautam

Jimmy introduced his girlfriend on his Twitch stream. Many were curious about her name, age, and profession. So, find out more about her.


Sydeon Is No Longer Together With Her “Hot Boyfriend”

Prasiddha Gautam

Sydeon's hot lover is now her former boyfriend. Find out what went wrong between them. Also, know more about the handsome hunk.


Xandra Pohl and Her Boyfriend Went to the Same College

Dinesh Shrestha

Xandra Pohl's boyfriend Jack Touzet hails from an influential family. Did you know they went to the same college? Know more about him.


Billy Football: Unveiling His Real Name, And Is He Engaged?

Himal Ale Magar

Billy Football is rumored to be engaged. Find out how true the news is. Also, let's go through his journey and background.


Gorlock the Destroyer Began Transitioning as a Trans Woman at 19

Dinesh Shrestha

Gorlock the Destroyer never felt peace with herself before the transition. Let's go through her trans journey and how she got her nickname.


Anwar Jibawi’s Secretive Love Life with His Beautiful Girlfriend

Binesh Shrestha

The famous Vine star Anwar Jibawi has a girlfriend. Did you know they have spent ten summers together? Know more about his lady love.


Tmol and His Ex-Girlfriend Welcomed a Daughter

Himal Ale Magar

Tmol shares an amazing bond with his daughter, whom he shares with his former girlfriend. Find out about her and his baby mama.


Meg DeAngelis and Her Ex-boyfriend Alex Aiono Dated for a Short Time

Dinesh Shrestha

Meg DeAngelis and her boyfriend, Alex Aiono, were an adorable couple. But, their relationship was short-lived. Find out why it ended.


Shuler King’s Wife Is a Woman of Multiple Talents

Himal Ale Magar

Find out more about Shuler King's wife Courtney Williams. See how it began for the pair and if they have welcomed any children.


Addy Perez’s New Job in Texas after Leaving Leo

Dinesh Shrestha

Addy Perez left Live PD after securing a new job and relocated to Texas. What was it? Did you know she has returned, though?