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Sydeon Is No Longer Together With Her “Hot Boyfriend”

Prasiddha Gautam


Just a few months ago, Sydeon and her boyfriend, Byron Stufken, were attending an event together. She even revealed the time when her boy was the center of attention in one of the events.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last as long as they’d expected. Taking to her Twitter, the Twitch streamer clarified the mystery surrounding her relationship status.

Sydeon Brokeup with Her Beau

In May 2022, Sydeon revealed to her fans that her relationship with Byron was over. She took to Twitter and announced the news, saying, “My most recent bf and I are no longer together.”

At first, she felt that it was not necessary to announce the news, but since people were asking a lot, she had to do it.

People might have been curious about her relationship status since she and her beau have not made appearances together on their social media handles since November 2021.

The last photo when Bryon and Sydney seen together was from the time when they went to Disneyland. After that, the two of them weren’t seen together, and they didn’t even follow one another.

Sydney and Bryon’s last post together [Photo – Instagram]

At the end of her tweet, Sydeon expressed that everything was cool and wanted to make her fans clear about the situation.

Following the tweet, several friends and fans reached out to her. One user expressed their sorry that she had to acknowledge a private matter.

To which she replied, “It’s nothing to be sorry about! I made it public knowing the nature of my job and how things would work if we broke up 🙂 I just would like to stop having to explain to each of my friends and stream that we’re not together. It’s all gooood :).”

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Sydeon Was Applauded For Having a Hot Boyfriend

In March 2022, a YouTube channel named OTV FunTV shared a snippet of one of Sydney’s streams. In the stream, she recalled the time when her lover was praised by fellow streamers at an event.

Sydeon [Photo – YouTube]

She revealed that all night, she had people coming to her complimenting her man. One of them was the streamer Jeremy Wang, AKA Toast. They didn’t speak all night until he walked up to her and said, “Hey Sydney, you look nice, I like your dress. Also, your boyfriend is really hot!”

The girl thought that it was honestly high praise, especially coming from someone like Toast. She then further implied, “If Toast says my man is hot, then he is hot, okay!”

Then, she went on to add that she introduced her beau to Sykkuno. The least expected incident occurred when he praised her lover. She went through a lot of compliments that night that was for her man. It must have been a really proud moment for her.

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Sydeon’s “Hot” Boyfriend

While it is not known which event Sydeon was referring to, in March 2022, the couple attended The Streamer Awards together. Could it be it was the same event?

Nevertheless, Sydney’s beau is Bryon Stufken. While it is not known when they started dating, the couple made appearances on one other’s social media posts often.

sydeon's-boyfriend-bryon- stufken
Sydeon’s man, Bryon Stufken [Photo – Instagram]

Furthermore, Bryon appears to be a family guy, as he has shared numerous pictures with his folks. He is one of the two children of Lili Stufken and John Stufken and is the younger brother of Sharon Stufken Murray.

As seen on Instagram reels, Bryon enjoys playing basketball and shows some great techniques.

Bryon is a man of skills. As denoted in his LinkedIn, Stufken is now the Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Entertainment and Media at Marsh McLennan. He previously worked at Fox Corporation and AIG.

The handsome hunk holds an undergraduate degree of Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Georgia.