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Meg DeAngelis and Her Ex-boyfriend Alex Aiono Dated for a Short Time

Dinesh Shrestha


Meg DeAngelis and her ex-boyfriend, Alex Aiono, were in a relationship for a couple of months only. The two had enjoyed each other company during the short-term dating.

However, even after their breakup, they were still good friends and had good words and respect for each other.

Meg DeAngelis and Her Ex-boyfriend Met in September 2004

Meg DeAngelis and Alex Aiono initially met at the YouTube show Dance Camp in September 2014. The duo then began dating and enjoyed many wonderful times together.

By the time of November, the two also began creating a YouTube video jointly. One month later, the duo created videos in December, published them under the titles ‘Boyfriend Tag’ and ‘Girlfriend Tag’, and posted them on each other’s respective YouTube channels in December 2014.

In addition, DeAngelis also posted some intimate moments, pictures, and videos with Alex on her Instagram profile. The two also appeared in the Royal Crush, which first aired in November 2014.

Meg DeAngelis and Alex Aiono met in September 2014 for the first time [Photo: Instagram]

The two had been spending quality time together in the first month of 2015 and also continued to make videos together.

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Meg and Alex Aiono Ended Their Relationship in March 2015

The two love birds were having a good time together and enjoying their moments. But sadly, Meg and her ex-boyfriend Alex split up in March 2015.

Meg herself officially confirmed it through her post. In May, she posted a picture with Alex and penned in the caption, “Alex & I decided that we are better off just as friends.”

They thought that friendship was best for them, and she had nothing negative but only care and respect towards him.

Furthermore, in December 2015, when Alex was answering the netizens’ questions, one user asked if he and Meg were still together. He replied that he and Meg weren’t dating anymore and had already ended their relationship seven months before.

However, even after the breakup, they also appeared together many times. Meg and Alex appeared in the Royal Show Reunion in April 2016.

Alex Aiono Had Good Words for Her Even After the Breakup

Even after the breakup, the adorable couple had respect for each other. Alex said in his YouTube video that she was one of the most important people in his life. Further, he added that she was doing such amazing things, and he was proud of her.

Later in an Interview, when Alex was asked about his relationship with Meg, he responded that Meg was the coolest person that he met on the show.

He further continued that on a personal level, he and Meg dated for a couple of months and really got to know each other. But they were still good friends after the breakup.

Meg DeAngelis and Alex Aiono had respect for each other even after the breakup [Photo: YouTube/Meg DeAngelis]

He stated, “It’s just another blessing on top of everything that I got to make such a close connection with somebody I got to work with.”

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Meet Her Ex-boyfriend: Who Is Alex Aiono?

Alex Aiono is a YouTuber, singer, talented vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. He is mainly known for his singles ‘Doesn’t Get Better’ and ‘Alphabet Soup.’

He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, with his three sisters, Taylor, Sidney, and Hallie. When he was just 16 years old, his family moved to Los Angeles.

Over the years, he has produced and uploaded multiple songs on his YouTube channel. Furthermore, he also collaborated with music superstars like T-Pain, Chris Brown, John Legend, and Felix Jaehn.

While continuing to write, record, and distribute music as an independent artist, Alex also increased his acting resume. He debuted his acting career in Finding ‘Ohana, released in 2021.