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Shuler King’s Wife Is a Woman of Multiple Talents

Himal Ale Magar


Shuler King has been married to his beautiful wife, Courtney D. Williams, since June 16, 2020.

The comedian’s partner has also answered queries regarding their relationship and how it bloomed into a beautiful married life.

Married to a Certified Life Coach

Shuler’s partner describes herself as a Jesus girl and a faithful wife. She was born to her parents, Ted and Steph. She is a WSSU and Liberty University graduate and works as a life coach.

Furthermore, she is also a flight attendant.

In addition, Courtney also is the author of Uniik By Design: The Compilation. The book was written to inspire, encourage, motivate, and empower people to keep on evolving despite the circumstances.

Plus she is also talented in making hand-crafted jewelry and accessories.

Well, the couple first met in January 2018. Besides, they are known to be private regarding the information of their married life. Regardless, the couple revealed their engagement via a Facebook post in June 2019.

Furthermore, the comedian’s wife had also shared a few glimpses of their marriage in a YouTube Video she posted in July 2020, which shed some light on the auspicious occasion.

Shuler and His Wife First Met through Their Parents

As stated above, the content creator is happily married to Courtney D. Williams.

When Courtney’s great-grandmother passed away, her aunt and mother were making arrangements at Shuler’s family funeral home.

Shuler King And His Wife Courtney D. Willams [Photo: YouTube]

Further, her parents had met Shuler’s family several years before the incident. The comedian’s family has been doing funerals for Courtney’s family for years.

Moreover, her maternal grandfather was the social media star’s math educator. As Courtney was an army brat, she moved a lot with her family, so he presumably knew her maternal grandmother more than she did.

Besides, Shuler’s and his wife’s parents were from Sumpter, South Carolina. So, their family ties were really deep.

However, the couple never formally met before their first engagement with each other during her aunt’s funeral.

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The Comedian’s Wife Said He Was an Answered Prayer

Shuler’s wife was going through a difficult phase before meeting him. So, to overcome the adversities, Courtney created a box of manifestation.

One of the things she had written in the box was that she would meet her husband by the end of 2017 and build a genuine friendship with the person.

Further, after her first meeting with Shuler, she realized that her mother planned their meeting. Moreover, Courtney’s mom was tired of getting her heart broken, and it was time for her to find someone who appreciated her daughter.

Shuler King And Courtney Willams [Photo: Instagram]

Eventually, Shuler and his spouse met at her grandmother’s house and talked for hours. At the time, she felt like they had known each other for years and had a strong connection.

Besides, Courtney revealed that she prayed to God to help her recognize her better half, and during their confrontation, she thought they recognized each other.

She stated that she knew Shuler was an answered prayer that she had been seeking for years.

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They Are Expecting a Baby

Courtney mentioned her pregnancy for the first time in her Instagram post in April 2022. She stated that she was 10 or 11 weeks pregnant when the picture was taken.

Recently, she updated her fans and followers about her health. Shuler’s wife requested everyone to send their thoughts and prayers. It seems like the pair’s baby is to be delivered soon.

Shuler King’s Wife, Courtney Willams, Is Pregnant With A Baby [Photo: Instagram]

As of this writing, the couple has not updated about the birth of their baby. Hopefully, they will make the announcement anytime soon. Additionally, they haven’t revealed the baby’s gender, so only time will tell if they will have a son or daughter.