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OnlyJayus Was Cheated In the Past, But Now Has a Lovely Partner

Prasiddha Gautam


OnlyJayus AKA, Isabella Rose Avila, was cheated by her ex-partner, Mattie. She claimed that even though she was with her, her former lover still chose to go to another person’s hotel room and cheat.

After the break-up, she thought that she was going to be single on purpose forever. Furthermore, the YouTuber said that she never wanted to do this again.

As time went on, she again fell in love with her now-partner and is in a blissful bond.

Fans Were in Dismay After Learning Onlyjayus and Her Ex-partner’s Break Up

The 24-year-old had announced that she and her friends had gotten out of the relationship on her snap. Mattie and OnlyJayus parted ways nearly a year ago.

A user had even made a TikTok about their romantic time.

The video creator still loved them both very, very much and couldn’t pick sides to support. The post received numerous positive comments, and most fans were saddened to learn that they broke up.

One of them even penned that they used to be inspired by their relationship.

The breakup between the 24-year-old and Mattie was sudden, and Bella wasn’t even told the reason. Further, her friends knew but chose not to tell her.

Eventually, she found out that she was cheated on. The YouTuber had felt weird to process the end of her connection along with treatment by her friends. During the initial phases of their breakup, she didn’t know what to do.

She took a long time to understand that it had actually happened, and while she was finding out the reason behind her breakup, she saw the cryptic videos where her ex-partner admitted that they had cheated.

However, people became clear after they were updated about their break up and pointed out Bella’s ex. Then, she deleted those videos, but OnlyJayus saved them in order to clearly state her viewers.

Even though the situation was a nightmare for her, she emphasized to audiences not to send hate to anybody.

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Onlyjayus Revealed Her New Partner

About 4 months ago, OnlyJayus posted a short clip on YouTube. In the clip, she revealed her girlfriend, who was wearing a long black gown. The YouTuber was holding her hands from behind, and they were leaning toward each other.

OnlyJayus with her new partner at Gay prom. [Photo: NNT/YouTube]

They both had smiles on their face and were enjoying the prom.

Well, OnlyJayus’s girlfriend, Brittany Dejardo, has more than 16.7K followers on her Instagram account and is a public figure, as per her bio.

She has dyed her hair in a unique way; half of it is white, while the other half is different. They both had introduced each other on their Instagram at the same time.

The couple has uploaded tons of photos and reels and has had a great time together.

Seeing their bond, OnlyJayus’ fans have responded that they were so happy for her. Plus, some of the users were shocked about her new relationship.

The lovely duo also enjoys going to musical events. OnlyJayus and Dejardo also shared a passionate kiss during the night at Hard Fest.

Furthermore, both of them were recently seen together at the Streamy Awards. The pair had worn a gothic-themed dress while attending the event.

Overall, the lovebirds are living their life to the fullest and have bonded with one another over a short span.

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Her Girlfriend Is a Social Media Marketing Manager

OnlyJayus’s lover is also great at her professional career. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Baylor University. The public figure has a bold resume and has associated with different companies/institutions.

She has worked in a range of different jobs like Hostess, Tele counselor, Cash/Retail Associate, College Ambassador, inside sales Intern, Sales Associate, Enterprise Corporate Sales Rep, and many more.

Bella’s lover is experienced in marketing. [Photo: OnlyJayus’s Instagram]

Currently, she is employed full-time as a Social Media Manager at Siren Agency. She has just begun to work in the company, and it hasn’t even been a month.

Nevertheless, both Dejardo and OnlyJayus are maintaining their professional life while actively enjoying their romantic time.