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Ashley Gavin Is Back With Her Former Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Ashley Gavin, who previously broke up with her ex-girlfriend, had announced they are finally back together.

The comedian shared the news in a podcast with her friends Maddie Weiner and Breanne Williamson.

Gavin Revealed She Got Back With Her Ex-Girlfriend

During the session, the three of them interacted together regarding Gavin’s relationship and current partner. At the time, her friend Breanne had no clue who the standup comedian might be dating.

Regarding the subject, Breanne stated the internet personality had not mentioned her girlfriend. Her friend added that she knew a person but had no idea if the two of them came full circle.

As the podcast continued, it was revealed by the comedian that her ex-girlfriend Jen Parker Davis was her main.

The Comedian Revealed She Is Back With Her Ex-Girlfriend In A Podcast. [Source: Ashley’s YouTube]

The news shocked both of her friends, who took a moment to let it sink in. Gavin and Jen have been in a relationship since early 2021 but had broken up briefly in 2022.

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How They Got Back Together

After breaking up with her girlfriend, Jen, the two did not talk for some time. But a year after their breakup, the couple started contacting one another and, as per her words, made some mistakes.

Eventually, the lovebirds went on a dinner date and realized they could be friends and were very much in love with each other.

they-are-currently-in -a-relationship-girlfriend
Gavin and Jen Are Currently In A Relationship [Photo: Ashley Gavin’s Instagram]

However, they remained contactless again but would stay on good terms later. Besides, during that time, the comedian was also seeing other people.

But, at a certain point, they planned a vacation together, and Gavin also went on to invite her to a wedding. And at that time, the couple got closure regarding their commitment issues.

Ultimately, the two would get back together eight months after the incident.

They Broke Up Because Of Commitment Issues

Throughout her life, Gavin has had numerous heartbreaks that led her to self-work, which is reflected in her comedy.

After her breakup with her girlfriend, the comedian thought she might be alone forever. Gavin later revealed that she and Jen had broken up.

The two split because her partner was not ready for a committed married life. So, Gavin decided she could not wait for another person.

However, the two remained in touch as good friends besides going their separate ways.

Well, before Jen, the internet personality was in a relationship with an unidentified person. She mentioned the relationship lasted for four to six years because it took them two years to break up.

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Gavin Decided Not To Do Couple Content

Despite the internet personality and her girlfriend’s on-and-off relationship, their chemistry has remained the same.

Their couple dynamic was well-received by their fans and followers. Over the years, Jen has been featured in several of Gavin’s YouTube videos.

For instance, they have done a podcast session together, where the two gave queer dating and relationship advice.

Plus the couple has also appeared together in an Instagram therapy session. At the time, Gavin and Jen talked with their viewers, listened to their stories, and gave their opinions.

However, the comedian decided she would no longer do a couple content. Further, it was mentioned in the note from Jen that she would appreciate all the support from Gavin’s fans.

The Note From Jen Regarding Not Doing Content Together [Photo: Ashley Gavin’s Instagram]

The internet personality’s partner humorously added if they could subscribe and turn on the notification of her channel, the comedian might take her to Paris, where they can vlog together.