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Rebecca McLaughlin Met Her Husband on Saint Patrick’s Day

Dinesh Shrestha

Take a look at Rebecca McLaughlin and her husband Bryan's love story. See how it began for the married duo. Also meet their children.


Matthew Kolken’s Wife Died of Cancer

Himal Ale Magar

Find out more about Matthew Kolken's late wife Natasha Kolken. Look at the pair's marital life and the number of children they shared.


Interesting Facts about Writer and Content Creator Sahil Bloom

Binesh Shrestha

Find out more about entrepreneur Sahil Bloom. Also look into his marital life with his wife and his parents. How much is his net worth?


CouRageJD Announced His Breakup with His Girlfriend

Dinesh Shrestha

Did you know CouRageJD and his girlfriend, Maddie McCarthy, are no longer together? Look at the former pair's relationship.


Your Narrator Is Engaged to His Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Did you know Your Narrator is engaged? Learn more about the YouTuber's girlfriend and look at the secret behind their relationship.


Unveiling the Story behind Layah Heilpern’s Boyfriend

Binesh Shrestha

The rapper Zuby was speculated to be Layah Heilpern's boyfriend, and here's why netizens believe so. Also, learn more about her love life.


Wengie Talked about Breaking Up, She Has a New Boyfriend Now

Himal Ale Magar

Find out what was the reason behind Wengie and Max's break up. Also, learn if the singer has found a new boyfriend now.


Ben Mallah Has a Son with His Second Wife

Himal Ale Magar

Did you know Ben Mallah was previously married? Learn about his current wife and how many children he has fathered. See if he has a daughter.


Meet the Supportive Parents of Juanpa Zurita

Himal Ale Magar

Find out more about Juanpa Zurita’s supportive parents. Did you know his father, Fernando, & mother, Teresa, have a massive fan following?


Heath Hussar’s Body Transformation after Four Months of Weight Loss

Dinesh Shrestha

Health Hussar had accomplished an impressive four-month weight loss challenge. Before the weight loss, he was insecure about his own body.