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Icewear Vezzo Made His Wife Kiara Smith a Multi-Millionaire

Binesh Shrestha


Well, only a few people are lucky to have an everlasting relationship. And the husband-wife duo of Icewear Vezzo and Kiara Smith definitely falls into that category.

The lovebirds married in 2016 but have been together way before that.

Vezzo Had Said He’d Make His Wife a Millionaire

When Vezzo and his spouse were kids, he told her that he would make her a millionaire. In addition, he would say that he would buy her a house while asking to borrow her car and $50 every other day.

To this day, the rapper is still surprised at what made Kiara believe in him, as she gave him whatever he asked with no judgment. All in all, Vezzo did not let her down as he stood on his business and gave her a million and a house, as per one of his tweets.

Icewear Vezzo did what he said and made his wife a millionaire. [Source: Twitter]

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Vezzo revealed that Kiara was one of the few people who believed in him. It is evident that she always had faith in whatever he said.

Whether it was to lend him money or drop him off at studios, she has always been by her beau’s side. Maybe this is the perfect definition of what love is supposed to be like.

Furthermore, Kiara did not let her husband’s talk sway her away from her path. She eventually saved up, attended college, and graduated.

Now, she is an author and has also started her own venture.

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Kiara Has Written a Book and Is Owner of a Business

The rapper’s beautiful wife has come a long way now. Plus, it won’t be too farfetched to call her a woman with multiple talents.

Initially, she published her book Our Love Is on April 25, 2019. It is based around Vezzo and her children alongside characters like Penny the Elephant and Kenny the Koala.

Besides writing a book, Kiara is also the owner of Fresh And Pressed Juice. She got her inspiration after she helped heal her son from microbiome deficiency.

Also, according to its website, the concept behind it was developed when Kiara returned to her humble roots and initiated using organic and quality ingredients to tackle health issues.

Her Fresh And Pressed Juice is located at 3622 Rochester Rd.

Rapper Vezzo and His Partner’s Lovestory

As stated above, the couple have known one another since they were young. After starting their relationship, they probably got engaged in December 2015, as suggested by one of Kiara’s posts.

During that time, she uploaded a video showing her dazzling diamond ring with the caption, “Yes. [Love emoji] #FirstLove #FutureHusband.” While some congratulated her, others were busy admiring the ring.

Then, a couple of months later, Kiara and Vezzo walked down the aisle on October 23, 2016. On their second anniversary, Kiara even got her wedding date tattooed on her left wrist.

It is quite obvious how much love Kiara has for her husband, and she makes sure to appreciate what he has done for her. On his birthday in 2018, she penned down how he deserved all those favors and could brag about him, saying he is a real man.

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Have Welcomed Two Children Together

Icewear Vezzo and his wife Kiara Smith are not just enjoying one another’s company but are also embracing parenthood quite well. They first welcomed their daughter, Navy, in 2015.

Then, some years later, their family was completed with the arrival of their son Vito.

Icewear Vezzo and his wife have a son and a daughter. [Source: Kiara Smith’s Instagram]

The family of four loves hanging out. The little ones have their own Instagram handle, thenavyandvitoshow, with over 2K followers, and YouTube channel, Big Momma’s NaVi, with over 406 subscribers.

In the end, Vezzo and Kiara are doing great as parents and lovers. The couple is still going strong and raising their kids with utmost love and care.