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Mat Armstrong and His Girlfriend Celebrating Years of Love

Suyasha Rupakheti


Mat Armstrong and his girlfriend, Hanna Smith, have been together for many years now. On her birthday every year, he takes her to different places.

Likewise, in May 2023, they had a trip to Disneyland Paris. Sharing some photos from the trip, Armstrong’s belle wrote, “Disneyland for my birthday. what a surprise from @matarmstrongbmx.”

Have Been Together for Almost a Decade

Armstrong and his partner have been dating for several years now. According to some sites, they met through BMXing. However, the duo themselves have not opened up much about their initial meet-ups.

Nonetheless, Hanna first shared pictures with Armstrong in July 2014. Since then, they have continued sharing their photos together, penning heartwarming captions for one another.

Furthermore, she first called the rider, her boyfriend, on her Instagram in December 2014. In July 2015, while wishing him on his birthday, she revealed that she had known him for 11 months.

As of 2015, Armstrong and Hanna had known one another for 11 months. [Photo: Instagram]

Penning a beautiful caption that said, “Happy birthday to this gimp! only known you 11 months and you’ve already changed my life around! Couldn’t be more happier about it though @matarmstrongbmx,” she shared their lovely picture together.

Nevertheless, the couple has been together since 2014, and they are going stronger than ever.

Also, adding to their adventurous life together, the couple moved to a new house in August 2020. They were excited about their upcoming adventures.

Despite all these years of being together, the couple has yet to tie the knot and welcome kids. However, they are pet parents to their Blue Boston Terrier, whom they’ve named Kevin.

In addition, the dog also has its own Instagram account with the username kevintheblueboston, with 1,219 followers. Furthermore, Smith’s boyfriend is also extremely close with the dog.

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Armstrong and His Girlfriend Are Equally Interested in Cars

As many know, Hanna’s boyfriend is a video creator who builds, modifies, and restores different cars. He has been active on his YouTube account since 2013 and has uploaded several videos regarding cars of different brands.

Like him, his girlfriend is also into cars. She accompanies him to several car events. Similarly, she is also active on YouTube.

Hanna is also a car enthusiast. [Photo: Instagram]

According to her YouTube description, she created the channel to show fans behind the scenes of her partner. She has written, “I will take you through a week of what we get up to! From modifying Lamborghini’s to fixing Audi’s and BMW’s.”

The channel has 24.5K subscribers as of October 2023. Plus, as per Government UK, she was also appointed as the director of Mat Armstrong Ltd in January 2022.

Likewise, Armstrong’s lover was also appointed as the director of Ma Merchandise Ltd. in July 2022.

Prior to that, she was the manager of High Speed Competitions Limited.

Furthermore, according to some sites, she left her job to focus on YouTube. What she did previously remains a mystery. However, there’s a LinkedIn account similar to her name. But it is not sure if that’s her.

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Is One of the Two Children of Her Parents

She was born Hanna Lucy Smith in April 1995 to her dad, Paul Smith, and her mom, Janet Guest.

Furthermore, she has a sister, Char Smith, with whom she shares an amazing bond. Moreover, Hanna’s mom is the former Regional Education Organisor at UNISON. She attended Lincoln College and graduated in 1983 and also studied at the University of Bedfordshire.

On the other hand, what Hanna’s dad does remains a mystery. Nevertheless, she was immensely loved while growing up.

In the end, both Armstrong and his partner are having the time of their life and hopefully will continue doing so.