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Anwar Jibawi’s Secretive Love Life with His Beautiful Girlfriend

Binesh Shrestha


It may come off as a surprise to most of his fans, but the talented Anwar Jibawi, in fact, has a beautiful girlfriend.

As he creates multiple skits with different content creators, many assume that he is dating some social media star. However, that is not the case.

Who Is Anwar Jibawi’s Girlfriend?

The former Vine star has been in a relationship with a gorgeous lady named Jasmine Frausto since April 2013. The lovebirds celebrated their fifth anniversary at Coachella.

Jasmine uploaded some couple’s photos and penned down a beautiful caption. She wrote, “Our love story sprouted so long ago and has bloomed into something amazing I know we both cherish. My heart is filled with love and mind filled with the best moments we’ve shared together.”

Anwar Jibawi’s girlfriend on their fifth anniversary. [Source: Instagram]

She further thanked Anwar for being himself and loving her the way he did and stated she was lucky to have him and looked forward to all the adventures that awaited them, ending with “Love you cutie pie.”

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Jasmine and Her Love for Sports

From her early days, Anwar’s partner has been into sports. She has referred to herself as a tomboy and played every sport she could. When she was a kid, Jasmine played both baseball and football.

She eventually did not continue her journey in the athletic realm; however, she did continue playing softball and volleyball even in her high school days.

She was in the Bell Varsity Softball and Bell Varsity Volleyball teams.

Jasmine still misses playing softball. [Source: Instagram]

Jasmine’s jersey number was one, and she played in the position of Right Fielder (RF) for her softball team. Furthermore, she had an unforgettable trip when she went to Vegas for a softball tournament.

As for her junior volleyball team, she was assigned the position of setter as well as an opposite hitter. There, too, her jersey number was one.

It is not known about her education, but Jasmine graduated from Bell Senior High back in 2011.

Jasmine Shares a Close Bond with Her Family

Apart from her lover, friends, and trip photos, Jasmine also sometimes shares pictures of her family.

She has a lovely mom named Maria Luisa Frausto. On the occasion of 2015’s Mother’s Day, she described her as the most perfect mom in the world.

Besides that, Jasmine also adores her grandmother, Lola, a lot. She has always loved her for being her grandma, and later, when she spent more time together and knew her as a person, Jasmine loved her even more.

Well, Lola celebrated her 81st birthday in February 2017.

In addition, Jasmine also has a beautiful sister named Daisy Frausto. She makes sure to wish her on her special days. Alongside being siblings, they were also roommates as kids.

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Romantic Relationship with Her Boyfriend Anwar

Jasmine first uploaded a photo of Anwar cementing their relationship back in January 2013. The adorable couple could be seen having a great time, and Jasmine mentioned him as her habibi, meaning my love in Arabic.

Since then, the cute pair has come a long way. From celebrating Valentine’s Day and going on trips to celebrating one another’s birthdays, Anwar and Jasmine spend a lot of time together.

On one of Jasmine’s birthdays, the 32-year-old surprised his girl with a Tesla. She was completely shocked and initially thought it was a prank. However, she later realized that he was actually being serious, and Jasmine could not hold back her tears.

Anwar’s significant other doesn’t hesitate to share her love and express her gratitude towards him. She has got tons of photos with her boyfriend.

As for Anwar, it is rare to find her on his social media feeds. One time, when he wished her a birthday back in 2015, many of his fans were surprised to learn about his relationship.

All in all, even if there are different media outlets stating Anwar’s relationship status to be either single or unknown, he is enjoying a romantic relationship with his pretty lady.