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OnlyJayus Was Cheated In the Past, But Now Has a Lovely Partner

Prasiddha Gautam

OnlyJayus, who claimed to be cheated by her former partner, has moved on to a new relationship. Her current partner is Brittany Dejardo.


Mat Armstrong and His Girlfriend Celebrating Years of Love

Suyasha Rupakheti

Mat Armstrong and his girlfriend, Hanna Smith, are interested in cars. They have known each other for ages now. Learn more about her.


The Power of Love: Garand Thumb & His Current Wife’s Story

Suyasha Rupakheti

Get to know the marital journey of Garand Thumb and his wife Ashley Jones, and the heart-warming captions they share on social media.


Mike Majlak Is Smitten with His New Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Mike Majlak who has often joked about his girlfriend is finally in a relationship. The YouTuber was previously commited to Lana Rhoades.


Baylen Levine Got Back With His Former Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Balyen Levine is in a relationship with his former girlfriend. He was previously linked with Sadie, who had a deep bond with the YouTuber.


Break-up Rumors Surrounding Dani Speegle and Her Partner

Himal Ale Magar

Dani Speegle's partner helped her achieve many goals. However, their lack of social media presence has raised questions about their break-up.


Mike Israetel And His Wife’s Togetherness of Almost a Decade

Deepi Karna

Mike Israetel and his wife, Christle, have been together since 2014. She is a doctor by profession and has a strong educational background.


Tarzaned Finds Love: Meet His Gorgeous Girlfriend Sophia

Dinesh Shrestha

Tarzaned is in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, Sophia. His Twitch streams have helped him become famous. Know more about him.


Kylan Darnell’s Parents Were Excited to See Her on the Newspaper

Himal Ale Magar

See how Kylan Darnell's parents were excited to see her in the newspaper. Learn more about her father and mother and what they do.


Ellie Thumann Soft Launched Her Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Ellie Thumann revealed her boyfriend but has not shown his face. Know more about the reveal and her past relationship speculations.

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