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Gorlock the Destroyer Began Transitioning as a Trans Woman at 19

Dinesh Shrestha


Gorlock the Destroyer proudly identifies herself as a trans woman. She recently went viral after appearing in the Whatever podcast.

In the podcast, she revealed that she was comfortable after the transition. Unfortunately, after the appearance, many people began bullying her for her fat body and even replaced her voice with Jabba the Hutt’s voice.

Gorlock the Destroyer Tried to Be Gayman and Dating Girls

The social media star was previously a man who later changed her gender to a woman. In the above-mentioned podcast, she professed that she had been happier with herself since the transition.

Moreover, Gorlock the Destroyer is comfortable in her skin. When she was a man, she never felt peace with herself. She was more depressed and wasn’t happy.

However, she tried to live like a man at one point in her life and also started dating girls in middle school. She tried to be a gay man until the age of 19.

Gorlock the Destroyer appeared in the Whatever podcast in April 2023 [Photo: YouTube/Whatever]

After that, she started transitioning. Then, she felt more comfortable. Despite the relentless barrage of mockery and negativity she faces on social media, Lopez fearlessly embraces her true self, standing tall against hate and discrimination.

She proudly identifies herself as a trans woman. She refuses to let the negativity define her, instead choosing to live authentically and inspire others to do the same.

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What Is Her Real Name, and How Did She Get Her Nick Name?

Gorlock the Destroyer’s real name is Ali C. Lopez. She got the nickname after she appeared next to smaller guests and cohosts in April 2023 in the mentioned podcast.

The next day, one Twitter user posted a tweet with an image of the podcast guests, replacing Lopez’s name with “Gorlock the Destroyer” alongside other incorrectly named hosts.

The tweet went viral, gaining over 1,000 retweets and 150,000 likes in just a week. Later on, another user also posted an edited version of the clip, replacing her voice with Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars character.

Gorlock the Destroyer’s real name is Ali C. Lopez [Photo: Twitter]

Again, the tweet reached many people and gained over 11,000 retweets and 76,000 likes in six days. The clip itself gained over 4.1 million views in one week.

The post suggested they were not the first person to make the video, but it was unclear who initially did. The nickname inspired widespread jokes and memes about her appearance.

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Gorlock the Destroyer Is a Popular Blogger and TikTok Star

Gorlock the Destroyer is a popular blogger and TikTok star who has garnered a huge fan following through her makeup and transformation videos.

Plus, she has gained popularity as a trans woman and plus-size model. As of writing, she has over 43K followers on Instagram. As per Famous Birthday, she began posting content on Instagram in March 2018.

The social media star has over 200K followers on TikTok and is recognized as a TikTok star. She posts lipsync, POV videos, and mini vlogs on her TikTok account.

In addition, she has also ventured into Cameo, showcasing her persona.

Ali, who began life as a guy, later came to terms with her transgender identity and transitioned into a woman.

Gorlock the Destroyer is a popular blogger and Tiktok star [Photo: Instagram]

After that, she had to face many hate comments and online bullying. On the other hand, some people supported and respected her.

Even though she got hate and trolled every day on the internet, she continues to post her content, ignoring the negativity. She is comfortable with her body and embraces herself as a trans woman proudly.