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Pobelter Is Enjoying A Lovely Relationship with His Girlfriend Syanne

Dinesh Shrestha

Learn more about professional gamer Pobelter's girlfriend Syanne. Look at the pair's dating life and how they support one another.


Subroza and Liv Cote Bid Farewell to Each Other

Prasiddha Gautam

Subroza announced that he broke up with his girlfriend, with whom he lived together and shared a deep bond. Find out why they did so?


Pokelawls’ Girlfriend Left The Stream After He Shouted at Her

Prasiddha Gautam

Pokelawls had shouted at his girlfriend on live twitch stream. Know what happened between them and insights into the girl's life.


Tubbo’s Secret Boyfriend and His Relationship with Ranboo

Himal Ale Magar

Did you know Tubbo has a boyfriend? Learn more about the YouTuber's relationship and look into the rumors of him dating Ranboo.


SuperTF and His Girlfriend Tabby: Have They Broken Up?

Dinesh Shrestha

SuperTF seems to have broken up with his girlfriend. Fans have evidence supporting this speculation. Find out how true it is.


TheBausFFS Finally Revealed His Girlfriend

Prasiddha Gautam

TheBausFFs introduced his girlfriend on Twitch. According to another streamer, they met during Twitch Con. Let's know more about her.


Blaustoise Parted Ways with Long-Term Girlfriend Tea Chang

Dinesh Shrestha

Take a look at Blaustoise's relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tea Chang. Did you know she has already got a new boyfriend?


UberHaxorNova and Hannah Pierre: Are They Still Together?

Dinesh Shrestha

Find out if UberHaxorNova & his girlfriend Hannah Pierre are still together. It's been quite a while since they posted anything together.


Is Bonnie Esfand’s Girlfriend? He Previously Lived with Jinnytty

Himal Ale Magar

In recent years, fans have wondered if Esfand finally got a girlfriend. And after the arrival of Bonnie in his ...


Jimmy Zhang Flaunts New Girlfriend Post Breakup, or So It Seems

Dinesh Shrestha

YouTuber Jimmy Zhang is often hanging out with a new girl post-breakup. Is she his new girlfriend? Also, know why he broke up with his ex.