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Dr. John & His Wife, Sheila Delony: 26 Years and Still Going Strong

Prasiddha Gautam

Dr. John Delony & wife, Sheila Delony, are celebrating 26 years of successful marriage. Learn the secret to their marital bliss!


Mark Goldbridge Rarely Shares About His Wife and Married Life

Binesh Shrestha

Mark Goldbridge has kept his wife private for over a decade. Married in Ireland, they celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary recently.


Andrew Bustamante and His Wife Are Both Former Spies

Prasiddha Gautam

Andrew Bustamante first met his wife, Jihi Bustamante, in an orientation. They now share two children after leaving their lives as spies.


Billy Tolley Is Enjoying a Blissful Marriage Life With His Wife

Dinesh Shrestha

TV personality Billy Tolley is married to his lovely wife, Diana Tolley. The pair are also proud parents of three children.


Ashley Holt’s 2 Years of Relationship After Split From Her Husband

Deepi Karna

Ashley Holt divorced her husband and has now been with her boyfriend for over 2 years. Also, she shares a kid with her ex-lover.


Mireya Mayor’s Over-a-Decade Relationship with Her Husband

Prasiddha Gautam

Mireya Mayor has spent over a decade with her current husband Phil Fairclough. They have also welcomed a daughter together.


Dakota Laden’s Relationship: One of His First Girlfriends Is Dead

Dinesh Shrestha

Dakota Laden has been in many relationships. Sadly, one of his first girlfriends has already passed away, while another one cheated on him,


Alicia Malone’s Relationship Status: Crush On Jake Gyllenhaal

Bimal Waiba

Alicia Malone's relationship has always been a topic of interest. She always flirts with Jake Gyllenhaal and has a crush on him.


Rachel Wolfson: High in Love with Her Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Rachel Wolfson and her boyfriend Mat Edgar are enjoying a blissful relationship. Alongside that, he's also close with his girlfriend's family.


Jay Wasley and His Wife Divorced Due to Ghost Adventures

Bimal Waiba

Jay Wasley & his wife Ashley Richardson are divorced. One reason behind their divorce was Goatman's Bridge Investigation in Ghost Adventures.

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