About Us

Stars Scoop is a publishing house dedicated to creating stories and articles featuring the who’s who of the entertainment industry with the agenda to inform and entertain our audiences.

Our content is driven by the art of storytelling. Our researchers, writers, and editors are expert storytellers who have been honing their craft for over a decade in their respective fields before coming together under the Stars Scoop banner.

Drawing from the most influential band of storytellers, Hollywood, we, as a team, strive to create content based on the lives of the many actors, actresses, influencers, musical talent and entertainers that have devoted themselves to the industry. We will give you a peek into the lives of these entertainers.

Our Team & Expertise

Stars Scoop is built around the passion and love for the arts that the team shares.

Perfecting their craft over the years, our team of editors leads the researchers and writers to search for and articulate stories from beyond the screen while ensuring the audience is presented with an entertaining, engaging, and insightful experience.

Our Values

Words have power — stories even more so. Our team ensures you, a valued audience member, are catered to the right story at the right time.

We also believe that stories are a part of being human — the compelling ones come from human experiences articulated with real human emotions. We strictly publish content that has been created by humans. It is against our policy to publish content generated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools.