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Billy Football: Unveiling His Real Name, And Is He Engaged?

Himal Ale Magar


Recently, Billy Football has become a hot topic among his followers regarding his love life. As a result, fans have questioned whether the internet personality was engaged.

Further, netizens have always wondered about Billy Football’s background, including his real name. So, is social media keeping his personal and relationship life private?

He Got Secretly Engaged

Speculations regarding his relationship were rampant in online forums like Reddit, where fans discussed his engagement in several threads.

Some users even claimed that the internet personality was married. To confirm the rumors, a netizen took to the subthread to discuss the subject.

Billy Football Is Engaged [Photo: Reddit]

In response to the question, another user answered that one of Billy’s friends posted a picture on his story where the social media influencer could be seen proposing to his girlfriend.

The netizen further stated that Billy did not announce his engagement and preferred to keep his personal life private. Besides, regarding his fiancée, she was mentioned in the story, but Reddit users did not reveal her username.

According to the information provided in the thread, Billy’s fiancée is a normal individual who stays away from the limelight and attention of the media.

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Billy’s Grew Up in New York

The internet personality was always open about his personal and professional background. Billy Football’s real name is Will Cotter.

He grew up in New York and graduated from Hackley High School, where he played as quarterback during his first, sophomore, and junior years.

Billy Football’s Real Name Is Will Cotter [Photo: Instagram]

After graduation, the internet personality joined the Williams College in Williamstown, MA. Further, he pursued his passion for football and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Political Economy.

Eventually, he picked up his career as a Junior Analyst in Berkadia. According to the information provided in his LinkedIn account, Billy worked in the company for three months.

Billy Was Suspended

Fans of Bartstool Sports were shocked when Billy Football announced his departure. He was also suspended in 2022 from both Macrodosing and Pardon My Take for his antics and getting a verbal fight with Rico Bosco.

Further, Reddit users noted that Billy was entitled and took advantage of his position at Barstool. This ultimately led Big Cat to announce his suspension from the podcast.

He was popular among the fans for his humorous takes. According to Average Being, the host of Pardon My Take shifted to Chicago but did not reveal any of his plans.

Despite Billy admitting to continuing his vlogging and blogging ventures, his fans waited for him to reveal his new opportunity.

He announced that he is leaving PMT in August 2023. Billy decided to explore new endeavors in Chicago and spend more time with his family.

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What’s Next For Billy Football?

After Billy’s departure, his fans have wondered where the internet personality might work next. As his plans have not been decided, podcast listeners have more questions than answers.

Besides, there is no doubt Billy’s experience enables him to create his podcast, which his fans will surely follow.

Regarding why he decided to depart, Billy shared that he was not motivated by any typical reasons.

Billy Football Is Looking For New Opportunities [Photo: Instagram]

The internet personality added that he never wanted to be famous and got the job because he was being “[Explicit] in the Intern interviews.”

He started his endeavors in Barstool after his football career was over. However, the opportunity from Chicago came at the right time.

Billy acknowledged that he was close with friends and family and had personal situations that led him to be closer to them.