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Erika Ishii’s Current Partner: She Had a Boyfriend of Six Years

Himal Ale Magar


Despite splitting from her long-term partner, Erika Ishii did not lose hope in finding love.

The voice actress, often seen having fun in costumes and elaborate makeup, has finally found someone with similar interests. She is currently in a relationship with a beautiful person named Lyra Levin.

The Actress’s Partner Is a Circus Performer

Lyra Levin is an artist from San Fransico who has been in the circus industry since 2017. She is a performer who channels her passion into every performance.

Levin is renowned as an aerialist and versatile specialty performer who innovatively demonstrates spectacular movement in the air.

Ishii’s better half started dancing at an early age and never stopped moving. With an elaborate background in ballet, theater, and pole vaulting, the artist’s style is novel and versatile.

The Voice Actress’s Girlfriend Is A Circus Performer [Photo: Levin’s Instagram]

As a teenager, Levin focused on the circus and leveraged her flexibility and strength into aerial performance. Since then, the artist has continued her training with world-class coaches between events and concerts.

Described as Batman as a Ballerina, Levine has stunned viewers and audiences with her grace, charisma, and strength.

Over the years, she has independently and collaboratively performed across the United States and is a regular member of the Vespertine Circus in San Francisco.

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Ishii Has Already Met Her Partner’s Parents

Ishii, who did not mention much about her relationship and love life, has recently been open about it. For instance, in April 2023, the actress said she would meet Levine’s parents for the first time.

Eventually, a day later, she would go on to meet Lyra’s father and mother. Ishii shared the experience in a video uploaded on her Twitter account.

In the post, the host could be seen greeting her girlfriend’s parents and kissing Lyra at the end.

Well, the voice actress has also featured her current love interest frequently on her social media. The two enjoy playing games together and have gone to cosplay conventions together as well.

The Couple Also Loves Cosplaying Together [Photo: Ishii’s Twitter]

Ishii expressed that it was a lifelong dream to cosplay a character she played. She also once noted that she finally had a partner who would cosplay her canon girlfriend.

Besides, Lyra wasn’t the actor’s first girlfriend. She was previously in a relationship with Angelic Rockwood. She congratulated her former lover when she married the love of her life, Kiri Callaghan.

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She Was Previously in a Long-Term Relationship

Alongside that, Ishii was also in a six-year relationship with her boyfriend, Teagan Morrison. He started appearing alongside Ishii in early 2014.

The former couple had a deep bond, evident in their chemistry. For instance, the two cosplayed as Harley and Joker. At the time, her costume was thrown together to match Morrison’s at the last minute.

Ishii And Morrison When They Celebrated Halloween Together [Photo: Ishii’s Instagram]

Besides, the two are massive Dungeons and Dragons fans. They played the game together and with their friends and family.

The former love birds even had their initials engraved on the dice.

Throughout the years, Ishii and Morrison spent much time together and had fun on their journey. From cosplaying as Ash and Pikachu to dressing up for the movie dates, the ex-pair never ran out of exciting ideas.

Sadly, their love story would come to an end in 2019. Since then, Morrison stopped appearing alongside her

Further, no comment has been made regarding their split by either. Currently, her former boyfriend operates as the CEO of Sky Castle Studios LLC.

He previously worked as a technical Art Director at Naughty Dog. Besides, he is rarely active on social media, and his last Instagram post was in December 2021.

Well, it seems like the art director is focused on his career and has kept his personal life private. On the other hand, Ishii is outspoken and has been sharing her adventure with Levine.