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Jeremiah Watkins Has Only Been With One Lady, That’s His Wife

Prasiddha Gautam


Jeremiah Watkins is living a happily married life with his wife, Maja Watkins (Miletich). On April 2023, the comedian tweeted that he had only been with a single woman.

Obviously, that girl was his spouse. He added that his lover looks at him like a piece of IKEA furniture that was assembled all by her.

Watkins and His Wife Are Married For Over Half-a-Decade

The comedian and his spouse had a wonderful wedding. The lovebirds tied their marital knot on October 21, 2017.

Furthermore, in February 2022, Watkins and his wife celebrated their 11th anniversary.

Maja wrote, “Jeremiah Watkins and I have been together for 11 years today! And our baby seems to be about 11 times bigger than he was the week he was born! Very grateful for this family 🙂 [SIC]”

Moreover, he has talked about his lover during his stand-up comedy. Well, the 33-year-old is so head over heels for his partner as he has written an entire song dedicated to his other half.

The song is titled, I Need You. He has played a melodious piano over his sweet lyrics.

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Watkins and Maja are Proud Parents of Two Children

The comedian and his wife have embraced parenthood since the birth of their children.

Watkins first tweeted that he and his missus were going to be a father and a mother.

Soon, he and his better half were blessed with a cute boy, Wilder Jay Watkins, in April 2021. The comedian had shared the picture of him and his spouse, who was embracing their newborn.

But, their legacy didn’t end there as the duo added another son to their family recently. Their second boy, Whitaker Zak Watkins, was born on June 2, 2023.

Moreover, the married pair received well wishes from the audience and thanked all of them for their positivity and support.

Watkins with his wife after the birth of their second baby. [Photo: Watkins’ Instagram]

Furthermore, their newborn son rolled for the first time when he was younger than 4 months old, and the family cheered him.

Watkins then caressed his young one on his back, and his mother and brother were also happy for him.

The comedian is also a lively guy. He has shared clips where he and his older son could be seen dancing. All in all, the couple are busy parenting their two boys and are living the most wholesome family life.

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Maja Has Had an Influential Career

Watkin’s partner is a multitalented woman. She is the founder of a Non-Profit organization, a Published Author, an Education Consultant, a Play Specialist, and an Inclusion Advocate.

To be an expert in her field of interest, she first completed her Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching from Santa Monica College. Further, she has also completed a Bachelor of Arts in the same field from National University.

She then completed the certificate program in project management (PMP), receiving the Activities and Societies: Project Management Certificate with an A grade. She mainly teaches kids, parents, and therapists about Social Emotional Learning (SEL) from her published improved curriculum.

Maja has also published multiple books. [Photo: Maja’s Instagram]

The talented girl has gained various experiences as a Course Developer, Educational Consultant, Social and Emotional Learning Specialist, and many more.

Currently, she is working as an Education Consultant and has brought her skills into dimensions involving the development of toddlers.

Furthermore, Maja’s brother was on the autism spectrum, and she has had a clear understanding and experience growing up about communication being powerful for all people.

Later, she became an author who could include important research, data, and curriculum in her books.

For now, she has begun working on her new project, The Improv Method. Moreover, the teacher has partnered with a dynamic team and has created professional development opportunities for therapists.

Nevertheless, she is a great mother, a great teacher, and overall an affectionate scholar helping newer generations.