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Jimmy Here Revealed His Cute Girlfriend on Twitch

Prasiddha Gautam


Jimmy Here, whose real name is Tyler Collins, first introduced his partner on one of his Twitch streams. He shouted, “Hello everybody, this is my girlfriend, “and she came in front of the screen and said, “Hi, that’s me, what’s up?”

Before she came in front of the screen, everyone thought the streamer was joking. One user commented, “AND HER NAME IS JHON CENA.” Another user penned, “JIMMY HOW COULD YOU HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE THE INTERNET.”

Jimmy Here’s Girlfriend Is a Voice Actress

It was later revealed that Jimmy’s lover is Allanah Fitzgerald, AKA Fitzy. She was born on November 21, 2000, to her father, Kerry Fitzgerald, and mother, Tracey Arbon. She is an Australian actress, voice actress, musician, and content creator.

Allanah Fitzgerald frequently collaborates with her boyfriend Jimmy [Photo- Instagram]

The 22-year-old started voice acting at the young age of 11 years old and developed a passion for creating voices.

In order to sharpen her voice acting skills, she attended different institutions, including King Sound Studios and That’s So VO, among others, and graduated from J. Michael Tatum’s Advanced Voice Over Workshops.

As per her LinkedIn, her first job was at Triple B Titles, where she worked for two years on contract before moving towards freelancing. Now, Allanah is working as a freelance Voice Actor at Glitch Productions.

In addition, Allanah has achieved elementary proficiency in multiple languages like Japanese, French, German, and Korean. She also knows how to play ukulele, bass guitar, and electrical guitar.

Overall, she is a voice actress with a vast range of capabilities and can act out in plenty range of accents and in female and male voices.

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The Lovebirds Collaborate with One Another

It is not a surprising thing for a couple to be featured in one another’s projects. Once, Jimmy coached his girlfriend on how to react to the daily dose of the internet, which is a YouTube channel that creates compilations of viral videos from around the globe.

Jimmy Here’s girlfriend holds his hand [Photo- YouTube]

The Twitch streamer’s lover shared her opinions and reacted smoothly. Moreover, Allanah subconsciously held her beau’s hand when they were reacting, which ignited a romantic atmosphere between the pair.

Tyler was shocked at first and said, “She is holding my hand!” and then he immediately took his hands away from her, stating, “This isn’t important.”

In another Twitch clip, Jimmy & Allanah reacted to pretty unusual memes and laughed at some eccentric ones.

The couple has also shared a lot of humorous moments together on Twitch. Once, during a stream, Jimmy pretended to punch Allanah, and then she fell lightly on the couch.

Just like her boyfriend, Allanah has a YouTube channel where she posts her commercial demos by doing voice impressions of famous cartoon, anime, and video game characters.

She has lent her voice to different projects such as Murder Drones, Space Leaper: Cocoon, and Lion’s Return.

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Jimmy Had Previously Had a Wife

Jimmy Here confused his fans when he introduced his wife on YouTube on October 24, 2016. They both showed their engagement ring as proof of their marriage.

Jimmy reading questions with his so-called wife [Photo- Youtube]

In the midst of the Q&A session, Jimmy asked his wife, “How long have we been married?“and she confidently replied, “Two years.“

One of the questions was, “Does your wife allow memes in the bedroom?” Then the king of sarcasm replied, “I am a meme, and she allows me in the bed.”

However, that was the only video with her, as Jimmy never made any other videos with her.

Nevertheless, Jimmy Here and Allanah are having a great time. Hopefully, their love will continue to grow even more in the upcoming days.