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Tmol and His Ex-Girlfriend Welcomed a Daughter

Himal Ale Magar


Besides being a talented YouTuber, Tmol is a doting dad. He shares a daughter with his former partner with whom he has a good relationship.

Tmol often shares updates regarding his baby girl. Also, the little girl, who shares similar facial features to him, is a total “Daddy’s girl.”

The Former Couple Is Coparenting Their Daughter

Tmol and his ex-girlfriend, Montanna Hatton, welcomed a child two years into their relationship. In March 2018, he shared a picture of an ultrasound and captioned it “August 29, 2018.”

Likewise, in June 2018, Tmol’s then-girlfriend shared a picture of them kissing and sharing the news of their pregnancy. She captioned the post, saying, “I can’t wait to start our little family together! @themasterofluck Photographer: my friend @avery_photography_ (thank you so much for coming out and taking photos).”

Then, on September 5, 2018, the former couple’s baby girl, Sapphire Emelyn Rose, arrived. He shared the news that day, while Montanna shared about it a few days later.

The former couple is co-parenting their child, who seems to be having a wonderful time growing up.

Tmol Shares A Daughter With his Former Girlfriend [Photo: Instagram]

Over the years, she has appeared in several of his posts on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Besides, apart from Tmol, his former girlfriend, Montanna, also takes care of her.

The real name of Tmol, formerly known as The Master of Luck, is William Tyler. Apart from his YouTube channel dedicated to streaming and gaming content, he has a secondary channel by his name.

The content creator had also featured his daughter Sapphire Rose on his channel, William Tyler. For instance, the YouTuber celebrated her birthday and uploaded the video in October 2019.

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Tmol and His Former Girlfriend Are Still Good Friends

The popular YouTuber Tmol is known for his interactions with strangers on Omegle. In November 2021, he shared a video titled ‘I Found My Baby Momma On Omegle,” where he ran into his ex-girlfriend, Montanna, the mother of his baby girl.

In his YouTube description, he wrote that he ran into her on the platform, and that was not clickbait. He further added, “BUT if you want another part with my ex, go ahead and like the video for me 😀 SUBSCRIBE TOO HAHAHA!!!”

The YouTuber was flabbergasted, and they had a short conversation. After the short banter, he asked her to come over so that they could make an Omegle video. She responded, saying, “Okay, call it a date.”

Besides that, the YouTuber was concerned about his ex-lover. He mentioned that the respective platform was not safe and she should not be here.

Tmol And His Former Girlfriend Montanna [Photo: Instagram]

During their conversation, it was evident that the former couple were on good terms and had no hard feelings for each other.

Tmol ended the conversation as he humorously said he was working and told his former girlfriend to get some sleep.

The couple began dating in June 2016. They even went to prom together in May 2016, and both of them used to share numerous pictures with one another.

Regarding their relationship, the two have not commented on why they decided to break up. But, there are rumors that Montana had cheated on the YouTuber with a girl.

However, none of them have spoken on the matter yet. Nevertheless, they seem to be good friends.

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He Influenced Montanna To Be A Streamer

During their relationship, Tmol had a significant influence on his former girlfriend. For example, he was turning Montana into a gamer.

His former girlfriend stated on Twitter that she would also be streaming on Twitch. According to her Twitter bio, Montana describes herself as a Model and a part-time streamer.

tmol-with-his-ex-girlfriend montanna
Tmol’s Ex-Girlfriend Is A Model [Photo: Instagram]

Further, the freelance model has a Facebook page called Montanna Jule- model where she shares her collaboration with several artists.

For instance, in October 2017, she worked with photographer Rick Wright, Stylist Jorge Diaz, and Makeup artist Jude Ann.

Montanna completed her studies at Hononegah Community High School and currently works at Sidelines Sports Pub and Grill.

According to her Facebook profile, she is from Roscoe, Illinois, and resides in Janesville, Wisconsin, as of this writing.

Besides, after her breakup with Tmol, Montanna is currently in a relationship. She announced the news on Facebook but has not revealed any information regarding her love life or who her partner might be.