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Jimmy Zhang Flaunts New Girlfriend Post Breakup, or So It Seems

Dinesh Shrestha


Youtuber star Jimmy Zhang has found his new lover after his breakup with his ex-partner. He also constantly posts his picture with her on Instagram.

Nevertheless, the two looked beautiful together.

Jimmy Zhang Has a New Girlfriend?

Following his breakup, Jimmy has been featuring a new girl on his social media. Their pictures and videos together made fans wonder about their relationship. While some believe they are best friends, some think they are more than friends.

Nevertheless, the YouTuber first revealed his alleged partner, Camille Nicole, through his Instagram post in February 2021. After that, he began to frequently post her on his social media handle. Furthermore, she has also appeared on his YouTube videos multiple times.

He mentioned her as his crush in those videos and was seen doing different challenges. The duo also went on a road trip and even had their dates.

In July 2021, he shared his picture with Camille and penned, “Might [expletive] around and kiss her.” Then people started to say that the two looked cute together.

One user penned, “Dam, you two look cute can lie.” In the snap, the two were looking at each other. While the alleged partners have not revealed the truth behind their actual relationship, their bonding is really great.

Furthermore, he was previously in a relationship with Sylvia Gao. He kept his past love life an open book.

Jimmy First Introduced His Ex-Girlfriend in 2019

Jimmy Zhang first introduced his lover, Sylvia Gao, to the netizens in a YouTube video he posted in September 2019. Together, the two were watching anime. The adorable pair had watched anime before, though, so it wasn’t their first time.

He remembered in the video that on the first or second date, he asked her if she watched any anime. She wasn’t a fan of it then, but later, they began watching.

Jimmy and Sylvia started their anime together with the first anime show, Dr. Stone. The two had shared many pleasant experiences. Their relationship became stronger over time.

The adorable couple went on vacations together multiple times. They enjoyed each other’s company and also began watching more anime shows.

Jimmy Zhang and his girlfriend Sylvia Gao [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, the YouTuber also shared a couple of his intimate moments with her on Instagram. In January 2020, he tweeted that he was going to play a spicy game with Sylvia. The two were playing FAP CEO which is an adult game.

It was his first and last tweet. Unfortunately, Jimmy and Sylvia ended their relationship after only a brief period of dating. The two now no longer even follow one another on Instagram.

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Jimmy Shared His Break-up News in March 2020

Jimmy Zhang shared the heartbreaking news in March 2020 through his YouTube video. He mentioned in the title that it was his first breakup at 24 years old.

Even though it was a difficult moment for him, he wanted to share it with people because he made the relationship public and didn’t want to keep anyone in the dark regarding it.

The YouTuber shared in the last minute of the video that the pair had gone through a number of fights over the time of their relationship. Especially towards the end of their relationship, it was getting so toxic that the arguments were turned into verbal and emotional abuse.

Jimmy Zhang shared his breakup news with his girlfriend on YouTube [Photo: Youtube/Jimmy Zhang]

It would just leave them crying and scratching their heads, thinking, what was the point of all this? Finally, he realized that this was the time to walk away.

“Being in a good relationship it requires time, energy, good communication, and other investments,” he stated.

In the end, both of them agreed that they weren’t working in a relationship. Sadly, the couple have to split up.

Jimmy requested folks not to throw negativity at Sylvia. During the painful juncture, many people supported him and consoled him through the comment section, saying, “Just because one chapter closes doesn’t mean the next one is trash.”

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Meet His Ex-girlfriend: Who Is Sylvia Gao?

Sylvia Gao is an influencer and model who has gained a considerable fan following on her Instagram account. She posts her lifestyle and fashion content. As for writing, she has 12.9K followers.

Sylvia Gao is a Model and Instagram influencer [Photo: Instagram]

Since 2020, Sylvia hasn’t been active on social media. However, in November 2021, she also joined Saint Agency, which is committed to aggressively servicing actors, models, and influencers across all commercial and print platforms.

She is currently living in Los Angeles.