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Is Bonnie Esfand’s Girlfriend? He Previously Lived with Jinnytty

Himal Ale Magar


In recent years, fans have wondered if Esfand finally got a girlfriend. And after the arrival of Bonnie in his life, speculations about his secret relationship were at an all-time high.

He was previously linked with popular Twitch streamer Jinnytty. The two even lived together, which also stirred up the rumors regarding their supposed romance.

Bonnie Is Not Esfand’s Girlfriend

Despite their dynamic chemistry, it has been revealed that the two are not in a relationship. For months, the streamer’s fans speculated the two were together.

However, during a livestream, Esfand told his fans that they were not dating each other. Regarding their relationship, Bonnie shared that the two were good friends.

Esfand and Bonnie are not boyfriend and girlfriend. [Photo: Instagram]

The streamer added that she and Esfand bonded well and liked his sense of humor. Further, Bonnie shared that the YouTuber knew her the best and instantly realized what she was going through and how she felt.

Besides, when Esfand asked Bonnie if she had a girlfriend, the streamer replied that she does have one. However, it was not noted if any romance was involved, so could it be her casual friend?

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How the Two Met Each Other

According to the streamer, Esfand approached her through a chat stream and started talking with her. Bonnie also revealed that he brought her over to his house to create content.

Before she moved in, Bonnie used to live in hotels and Airbnb. She traveled from country to country before Esfand got her a ticket to Austin to move in with him.

Regarding her background, Bonnie is not Lebanese, but she used to live in Lebanon when she was young. Her family is from Palestine and later moved to Lebanon.

Bonnie Is Not Esfand’s Girlfriend [Photo: Instagram]

Further, she, along with her family, evacuated to Turkey, then to Georgia, and finally to America. At the time, she was 12 years old. Bonnie also revealed that she had four brothers, and she was the middle child.

After moving to California, her father returned to Lebanon. Eventually, her mother got remarried, but sadly, her step-dad passed away from a car accident.

She shared that her mother finally got back on her feet, and after the incident, she traveled and streamed and noted that’s how she met Esfand.

Berry Revealed Jinnytty Was Esfand’s Girlfriend

Before getting involved with Bonnie, Esfand was previously linked with Jinnytty, who is also a fellow Twitch streamer. At the time, fans speculated the two might be in a relationship.

The duo often featured in streams together, and viewers from all around the world loved their chemistry. So, some fans even hoped they would end up together in a relationship.

However, they kept their personal life private and stated they were nothing more than friends.

But, during a livestream with Jinnytty and her friends, Berry noted they were a perfect couple. As a response, Esfand humorously responded that it was not true and everyone on the call was lying.

The two never confirmed their romance and continued their friendship until Jinnytty had to move out.

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Jinnytty Used to Live With Esfand

After the global health situation due to the pandemic, Jinnytty moved in with Esfand at his home in Texas in March 2020. The two created entertaining content for their fans and followers.

However, the South Korean influence announced she was leaving America to return to Korea. She added, “After a lot of thinking and discussion with Esfand, etc. I think we decided to leave. There are a few reasons why.” 

One of the primary reasons for her departure back to Korea was her brother, as they did not plan to stay indoors all the time but intended to go on road trips.

On the other hand, Jinnytty also revealed that she did not want to burden Esfand and stated she would be coming back when things were better.