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Tubbo’s Secret Boyfriend and His Relationship with Ranboo

Himal Ale Magar


Tubbo’s secret relationship and the identity of his boyfriend have always been a topic of discussion among his fans. While there are videos on YouTube that indicate revealing his partner, most of them don’t have a definitive answer.

Besides, the streamer has preferred to keep his personal life away from his fans and the limelight. Regardless, he has satisfied the curiosities of his fans, as he has mentioned his partner quite a few times.

Tubbo Leaked His Boyfriend on Stream

The speculations and rumors regarding his relationship started when the YouTuber hinted at having a partner on his live streams.

For instance, during a sleep stream, Tubbo mistakenly revealed that he would spend his week with his boyfriend.

Tubbo Prefers To Keep His Relationship Private. [Photo: YouTube]

The 19-year-old immediately corrects it to his best friend but then realizes it was too late as his fans bombarded the chat with comments.

Eventually, Tubbo would come forward regarding his relationship and secret love life. During a Minecraft stream with his friend Tommy, Tubbo again shared that he does have a boyfriend.

However, despite the revelation, he has not mentioned the identity and details of his partner as of this writing.

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Rumors of Tubbo and Ranboo Dating

Amidst the rumors of the identity of his boyfriend, speculations also started brewing that Tubbo was dating fellow streamer Ranboo.

Fans and followers have discussed their relationship on Reddit after their altercation. One user noted that something had happened between the two, while the other one stated that there were speculations of them dating.

However, another netizen replied that the two were not dating, and it was confirmed that Tubbo’s love interest was not Ranboo.

Ranboo Is Not Tubbo’s Boyfriend. [Photo: YouTube]

Further, regarding the subject, it was stated that Tubbo was muted and blocked, and Ranboo did the Tubbo+Ranboo tour alone.

Besides, despite their separation, some followers still wanted their content and shipped them together. Moreover, one Redditor mentioned that the streamer clearly stated that he disliked being shipped with Tubbo.

Some Reddit users speculated that their followers pushed them to their limits, and it was time to respect their boundaries and stop shipping them together.

He Has Talked about His Relationship

When many viewers were curious about Tubbo’s love life, he responded that he did not prefer to talk about it but would reveal it one day.

The YouTuber believed he preferred never to speak about his relationship on stream.

The Streamer’s Boyfriend Is A Big Part Of His Life. [Photo: YouTube]

Tubbo also shared that he liked to be himself during his stream and did not like to speak about his personal life because it was a massive part of his life.

The social media user also added he would not hide anything but choose to have boundaries as most of his followers get carried away sometimes.

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Focused On Streaming than Being in a Relationship

Even during school, Tubbo was never a relationship person and preferred his company. He explained that his experience in dating wasn’t that memorable.

Tubbo added he did not approach anyone but was instead asked to go out by his admirers. However, he was building his Minecraft server at the time and wanted to focus on it.

So, the YouTuber decided to be single for a while, try to get his life together, and dedicate himself to being creative. Tubbo also further revealed that his happiness came from the things he did rather than the other person,

Besides, he has stated that when the right time comes, he will commit to the person and the relationship. As per him, if it works out, he will even get married.