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SuperTF and His Girlfriend Tabby: Have They Broken Up?

Dinesh Shrestha


The Twitch streamer SuperTF, whose real name is Matthew DeLisi, had been in a relationship with his girlfriend Tabby for a brief time. The netizens loved the two when they appeared together on live streams.

However, it’s been a while since the pair has been together in the stream. Therefore, now, netizens are speculating that the adorable couple might have broken up.

SuperTF and Girlfriend’s Livestream Absence Sparks Break-Up Rumors

SuperTF and his lover constantly appeared together in his Twitch streams. Moreover, the two were roommates, and netizens could see her appearing in the middle of the stream.

Now, the couple isn’t seen together anymore, so folks are discussing on Reddit if the pair have split.

Some users believed that the duo ended their relationship a year ago, while some of them said they just broke up a while ago. They had seen her posting stories on Instagram not long ago.

Furthermore, one user commented on a YouTube video that the streamer went back to his home, which was also evidence that people guessed that the two had separated.

SuperTF and his girlfriend Tabby appeared together in the Livestream [Photo: YouTube/NoobHunter]

One Reddit user penned, “They broke up. Super was too focused on his streams to actually care for his girl. She didn’t like it. He didn’t see it that way. So they spilt. That’s it.” Even more, they claimed that he was using his relationship to get views.

Furthermore, some others also criticized Tabby, saying she was doing it for the money.

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SuperTF and Girlfriend’s Disappearance Since August 2022

Super TF and his partner Tabby appeared together for the last time in August 2022. She posted a picture with him on her Twitter profile last time that month.

In addition, he also posted his picture, which was captured by Tabby in the same month. He also reuploaded the video titled “She beat me up over Overwatch,” where the two were playing games.

Since then, neither of them ever mentioned the other in their posts or posted pictures on their social media handles.

So, now, netizens are guessing that they must have ended their relationship. But SuperTF and Tabby have not yet talked about it.

Looking out at his previous relationship, back in 2020, he was in a relationship with a girl named Angie. Later in March, she officially revealed through her tweet that she was no more in a relationship with him.

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SuperTF’s Partner Tabby Is Also a Twitch Streamer

SuperTF’s partner is a Twitch streamer, cosplay girl, and social media influencer. Her real name is still unknown, but she got the nickname after her mom’s childhood tabby cat that escaped death several times.

Therefore, her nicknames were set as Tabby Cat and Kitty Girl while growing up.

Then, she started to use her name on every social media handle, where she has garnered a considerable fan following.

As of writing, she has 9.4K followers on her Twitch account. Moreover, more than 15K people follow her on Twitter.

Tabby is also a Twitch streamer [Photo: Twitter]

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts anime content. From her videos, it can be said that she is an anime lover. She also made a short lipsync video for her TikTok account.

Tabby is also a dog lover and has a dog named Yuk, which she frequently posts. Tabby is currently living in Dallas, TX. She graduated in December 2022.