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UberHaxorNova and Hannah Pierre: Are They Still Together?

Dinesh Shrestha


UberHaxorNova, aka James Wilson, and his long-time girlfriend, Hannah Pierre, had been together for a very long time. But now, the adorable couple’s lack of social media presence concerns the fans of their relationship.

Netizens are curious to know if the couple is still a thing or not.

UberHaxorNova and His Girlfriend Stopped Posting Their Pictures

The Twitch streamer and his partner, Hannah Pierre, were in a relationship for several years. Previously, the pair often posted the duo’s picture on their respective social media handles. However, both of them have stopped now and even deleted their photos.

Hannah once had shared a since-deleted picture on Instagram, where the couple was seen at Vail Pass Mountain.

Since James and Hannah aren’t appearing on social media, there has been a question surrounding their relationship.

UberHaxorNova and his girlfriend Hannah Pierre’s lack of social media concerns the fans about their relationship. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, in February, when Curvyllama posted a picture on Twitter with him saying, “LIVEEEE w/ this guy @UberHaxorNova,” one user instantly commented, “James has got a girlfriend.”

Nonetheless, another user replied to the previous user saying, “Ya livin up to ya name, bruther! Just friends is a very real thing.”

While some were thinking he was still with Hannah, others were wondering when did the duo break up.

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Hannah Pierre Constantly Tweeted about Her Boyfriend

Hannah Pierre previously constantly tweeted about her boyfriend. However, she rarely mentioned her partner’s name.

In one of her tweets, she even mentioned herself as the luckiest person. Moreover, she shared every little thing that her boyfriend gave her.

In addition, on the 2021 Thanksgiving day, Hannah thanked her incredible lover for his hard work to provide her with the best life.

Hannah had a great connection with her better half. In 2020, she said that she and her boyfriend of 3 years almost never fought. Further, she stated both of them were pretty good about letting petty stuff slide, and they were able to talk it out when they disagreed.

Hannah Pierre frequently appreciated her boyfriend through her tweets. [Photo: Instagram]

Well, it has been quite sometime now since Hannah last tweeted about her boyfriend. All of the missing photos of the pair and almost no mention of one another on their social media handles imply that they might have already broken up.

Nevertheless, it’s still unknown whether the couple is together or not. The lovebirds have left the fans in the dark regarding their relationship. Though Hannah still follows him on Instagram, he doesn’t follow her back.

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Hannah Pierre: Supply and Demand Manager at Acumed

Hannah Pierre is currently working as a Supply and Demand Manager at Acumed. She came to public attention after her relationship with UberHaxorNova. As per her Twitter profile, she is currently living in Portland, OR.

Speaking about her career, she first started as a General manager at Palmdale Fin and Feather Club in 2008. She worked there for seven years and went to The Spaceship Company.

There, she held different positions over time, like Category Manager, Program Business Manager, and Business Support Specialist.

Hannah Pierre currently works at Acumed as a Supply and Demand Manager. [Photo: Instagram]

Then, she joined Acumed in 2020 as a Buyer/Planner. After working over one year in that position, she began working as a Planning Supervisor in March 2021. At last, she was appointed as the Supply and Demand Manager and has been working in that position since February 2022.

Regarding her education, she has completed her Bachelor’s in science, business administration, and finance from Southern New Hampshire University.