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Pokelawls’ Girlfriend Left The Stream After He Shouted at Her

Prasiddha Gautam


Pokelawls, whose real name is Georgie Karam, is dating his girlfriend, Gigi, and often posts about her. She has also appeared on numerous of his streams.

The couple look adorable together. But in August 2023, a clip of him screaming at her surfaced on the internet.

Georgie Rages at His Girlfriend

During a live stream, Gigi kept repeating, “No, we don’t have [explicit].” After that, Georgie told his fans to wait and muted his microphone.

Then Georgie appeared shouting at his girlfriend, and she left the stream. However, neither of them addressed this matter later.

Besides, Pokelawls is also a supportive boyfriend who doesn’t get scared to stand up for her.

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Pokelawls’ Girlfriend Is a Gamer

Pokelawls’ lover, Gigi, has coined herself as a gamer on her Instagram bio. The girl further stated that she loves every type of rice.

Georgie with his girlfriend [Phpto- Instagram]

Pokelawls’ girl’s name is Gigi, but her surname is unknown. She has shared pictures from some Japanese anime series, so she might be an anime fan.

She is also into cosplay, and her fashion style adds even more beauty. Pokelalwls’s girlfriend was grateful to him when he gifted her a piano. Moreover, the girl had taken 5 years of choir and had learned musical notes. But she had to relearn it because she forgot everything.

Gigi also has a Twitch channel named after her and has more than 108K followers. Georgie’s lover has shared some funny clips on her Reddit account named Gigi’s Reddit Recap.

Since she has claimed herself to be a rice lover, she has posted some photos of rice balls on her Instagram account. The creative soul has also made cat-shaped rice balls.

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Pokelawls Collaborates with His Girl

In one of the Twitch clips, Georgie, his girlfriend, and another fellow streamer were observing an old picture of Gigi.

Looking at the then drip of Gigi, Georgie told her, “You were definitely into skater guys.” Then, the girl said that she didn’t have a type.

Gigi dyed her hair to red color [Photo- Twitter]

But Pokelawls wasn’t convinced. Further, the girl added, “I could date you and…” Then, Georgie asked what she meant by that and added, “Why am I the type that turns people [explicit]?”

After that, the girl made it clear that she didn’t have a specific type and could date Georgie and the opposite of him.

Then another streamer said that she had a type now, and that’s Poke. And, Georgie joked, saying, “Her type this big Arabic muscular man right here.”

During another collab, the girl asked Pokelawls whether or not he liked her shirt. Jimmy said that he liked the shirt and that it was beautiful.

Georgie also asked his viewers if they liked her shirt and added it matched her hair, which was the dyed pink color. Gigi told her boyfriend, “I’m bored.”

So, he suggested playing League of Legends, but she had to clean her room. Pokelawls gave a bunch of suggestions to her, and then Gigi whispered into his ears.

After that, he said, “This is why women who get everything they want end up being sad.” Georgie then told her to play Lego, but she said she would go clean and then play League of Legends.

The couple has also collaborated with each other while trying out the VRChat.