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Subroza and Liv Cote Bid Farewell to Each Other

Prasiddha Gautam


Any relationship makes one fulfilled and happy; Subroza, AKA Yassine Taoufik, and Liv Cote, AKA Olivia Cote, had also felt the same way. They looked madly in love and never failed to show off their love for one another.

The couple had deep love, but things didn’t go as per the plan. In his Twitch stream, Subroza revealed that

Subroza Broke Up with His Girlfriend

Yassine Taoufik was in a relationship with Olivia Cote, who is also a streamer. They both were fasting in Ramadan.

As mentioned earlier, the duo used to show their love for one another on their social media. Like that, he tweeted their photo on Valentine’s Day and captioned, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my second half @livvcottee.”

Unfortunately, fast forward to July 2023, Subroza announced that he had broken up with his girlfriend.

Yassine and Olivia lived together, and after their break up, she had to move out. He then helped her move out to Calgary, Canada.

That phase was really hard for Subraoza, as he had to let go of the person whom he was deeply bonded with. Yassine even took a break from streaming for three days because of it.

Subroza also stated, “I would love to give more details, but honestly, I’d rather keep everything private.” He further added that there was absolutely no drama between him and Liv, and they were on good terms.

He also requested his community to be nice and supportive to his ex-girlfriend and told them that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Yassine elaborated that it was just the wrong timing in both of their lives and other kinds of little things.

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Subroza’s Ex-Lover Is Also a Streamer

Liv Cote is from Canada and celebrates her birthday on March 25. However, her exact age remains a mystery. She is a skilled Valorant player who has over 29.2K followers on her Twitch.

Liv Cote is a streamer [Photo- Instagram]

Further, she also boasts 16.3K followers on her Instagram. Liv also has a TikTok account where she has over 28.2K followers and has received more than 622.6K likes.

She posts the clips, which were streamed on her Twitch, on TikTok. Besides that, she has also shared some choreography and made a post about her dad.

As mentioned on her Twitch bio, she streams on a high-end liquid-cooled desktop. For graphics card, she uses GEOFORCE RTX 3090, the processor she uses is AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D, and she has installed 64.0 GB RAM on her PC.

The girl started streaming in 2021 and has gained considerable fame.

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Subroza Missed the Moment When His Girlfriend Flicked Opponents Twice in Valorant

When Subroza intuitively flicked his opponent during the stream, Liv acted totally mind-blown. After the shot, he then asked, “Did you see that?”

Subroza broke up with Liv Cote [Photo- Instagram/Instagram]

After her positive reaction, he hysterically laughed while saying, “Oh My God, she saw that.”

But when Liv flicked the opponent on live, the guy missed it. After her first flick, she called and screamed, “Baby, you didn’t see.”

Subroza was busy doing something else, and even after the call, he didn’t pay attention. The girl executed her second flick smoothly, but her boyfriend missed seeing it.

She rotated her chair back and said, “Are you [expletive] serious?” while giggling, the girl joked that she hated him.

She was pissed that her lover missed the moment she flicked her opponent twice.