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Blaustoise Parted Ways with Long-Term Girlfriend Tea Chang

Dinesh Shrestha


Blaustoise and his long-term girlfriend, Tea Chang, also known as Evergreen, had been in a relationship for several years. In those years, the two shared great moments together and enjoyed each other’s company.

Unfortunately, the duo are no longer together.

Blaustoise Revealed His Relationship with Tea Chang in 2018

The Twitch streamer initially introduced his former partner, Tea Chang, back in 2018. He posted a picture of the duo, penning “My Girl” along with several emojis. Since then, the lovely pair frequently appeared together on one another’s social media handles.

Well, as per one of his tweets, he asked her for help on his GDC talk in March 2019. Then in that summer, the former couple hung out at pool parties and even went to the beaches of Los Angeles.

Furthermore, they also went to late-night ramen shops.

Blaustoise and Tea Chang shared a lovely relationship. [Photo: Twitter]

Moreover, in that fall, he also reported their relationship to HR and made sure that their Slack messages were professional.

When together, the streamer captured every moment when he was with her and shared it on his Instagram stories. The two also went on several vacations, concerts, late-night dates, and more. The couple enjoyed a lot when they were together.

Furthermore, Blaustoise never failed to wish her a happy birthday. For instance, in July 2021, he posted several pictures with her and captioned, “Happy birthday to the queen of green @Evergreenily” alongside thanking her for keeping up with his nonsense.

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Blaustoise and Tea Chang’s Break-Up

Not every relationship ends up in marriage, as some relationships terminate despite several years of dating. The same thing happened in the case of Blaustoise and Tea Chang.

The 31-year-old and his former girlfriend were together for almost four years. Thereafter, things might not have gone well.

As per Famous Birthday, the lovely duo split up in the summer of 2022. However, neither of them has revealed the reason behind their breakup, and still remains a mystery.

Blaustoise and his girlfriend, Tea Chang, were together for almost four years. [Photo: Twitter]

Nonetheless, the former pair sometimes had humorous fights on Twitter.

Now, Blaustoise and Tea Chang have moved on with their life. The beautiful Tea is currently in a relationship with her new boyfriend Noahj456. She also started to flaunt her lover by posting her picture with him on social media.

Speaking of Noahj456, he is a previously married man who separated from his wife.

On the other hand, Blaustoise is yet to reveal his relationship status and plans regarding his love life.

Tea Chang Is a Game Developer and Twitch Streamer

Blaustoise’s ex-girlfriend is a game developer, game UX developer, and Twitch streamer. She has worked as a developer at Riot Games. Plus, she works as a user experience designer at Odyssey Studio.

She also enjoys playing video games in addition to creating and producing them. She considers herself a sci-fi anime Star Wars valor, among other things and has interests in the arts, poetry, and books.

As per her Twitch profile, she also hosts mental health shows and enjoys creating her own artwork.

Tea Chang is a gamer developer and Twitch streamer. [Photo: Instagram]

Apart from that, she can also be considered a social media influencer. She has garnered over 11.7K followers on Instagram and almost double followers on Twitter with 23.1K followers. In her Twitch account, she has over 5K followers.

Let’s hope Blaustoise too will find the girl of his dreams.