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TheBausFFS Finally Revealed His Girlfriend

Prasiddha Gautam


TheBausFFS, AKA Simon Hofverberg, has gained significant fame as a Twitch streamer. Due to his popularity, his love life was often discussed by his fans, who wondered if he had a girlfriend.

Well, the mystery shrouding his love life was unveiled in November 2022 when he introduced his girl on Twitch. Here’s how he did that.

Introducing TheBausFFS’ Shy Girlfriend

During one of his streams, the streamer got up to bring his meal. After sitting down, he apologized to his fans and revealed that he was talking to his girlfriend.

He also mentioned that he was eating the delicious chicken, rice, and cucumber made by her. Fans were stunned to know that he had a lover and didn’t even believe him.

Furthermore, his viewers thought that he was flaunting and told him to bring her into the stream. He promised to do so if the fans would be polite.

Then, TheBausFFS played it cool, saying, “All alright then, I’ll ask her.” He went to another room, and a blonde girl followed from behind.

After bringing her in front of the camera, TheBausFFS grabbed the attention of his audience and told his girl to show herself while hugging her.

Simon’s partner sat a bit away from the camera, only showing her hair. The guy then asked her politely, “Can I show you?” while taking his hand to turn the camera. But his shy lover denied it.

Immediately, One user penned, “Paid actor,” then Simon replied, “What the [explicit] are you talking about,” then he looked towards his belle and asked, “Are you paid to be here?” The girl also played on and, jokingly, nodded while smiling.

Some viewers gave positive feedback, too. One of them commented, “She is so cute.” The streamer asked them not to talk like that about her.

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Know about Her Name

Although TheBausFFS introduced his girl, he did not reveal her identity. Fans were eager to know who the beautiful lady was.

The mystery regarding her identity didn’t remain for a long time as Elosanta, AKA Erikas Alševskij, revealed that she was Julia Heggelund. He opened her Twitch account, Twitter account, and Instagram account, then went on with his story.

Julia Heggelund [Photo- Instagram]

Julia Heggelund looked identical to the girl in the video of TheBausFFS. She also has the same hair color and petite structure. However, Julia hasn’t said anything about her relationship with Simon.

Nevertheless, Julia is also a streamer and has her own Twitch channel. As per her Twitch bio, Erikas is from Norway and is currently 22 years old.

According to her, she has played games like League, TFT, CS: GO, and Valo ++. So, maybe Julia and Simon are things and might have bonded over their shared passion for gaming.

Furthermore, although Elosanta searched her social media handles, he was not sure if she was the same girl. But if she was actually TheBausFFS’ lover, then Elosanta knew how they met.

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According to Elosanta, Simon met Julia Heggelund during Twitch Con. Other than that, until and unless either of them speaks on this matter, nothing can be made sure.

Nevertheless, fans are happy with the fact that TheBausFFS has finally got a girlfriend. They look forward to knowing about her.