Dinesh Shrestha is a Digital news writer at Stars Scoop who routinely follows and covers entertainment news. He wrote for three years with multiple agencies prior to joining Stars Scoop. He also operates a platform where he posts sports-related content as a blogger.

Dinesh Shrestha


Billy Tolley Is Enjoying a Blissful Marriage Life With His Wife

Dinesh Shrestha

TV personality Billy Tolley is married to his lovely wife, Diana Tolley. The pair are also proud parents of three children.


Lil Moco and His Future Wife: Proud Parents of Four

Dinesh Shrestha

Lil Moco and his to-be wife, Aury Martinez, have been together for over a decade now. The pair has four children: three daughters and a son.


Morgan Davies Came Out as a Trans at 13

Dinesh Shrestha

Morgan Davies came out as a trans in his early teenage years. It was difficult for him to open up about his gender & sexuality.


Dakota Laden’s Relationship: One of His First Girlfriends Is Dead

Dinesh Shrestha

Dakota Laden has been in many relationships. Sadly, one of his first girlfriends has already passed away, while another one cheated on him,


Tarzaned Finds Love: Meet His Gorgeous Girlfriend Sophia

Dinesh Shrestha

Tarzaned is in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, Sophia. His Twitch streams have helped him become famous. Know more about him.


Novi Brown and Her Soon to Be Husband Malcolm Cook’s Love Story

Dinesh Shrestha

Novi Brown is currently in a relationship with her to-be-husband Malcolm Cook. He is a talented photographer and videographer.


Pobelter Is Enjoying A Lovely Relationship with His Girlfriend Syanne

Dinesh Shrestha

Learn more about professional gamer Pobelter's girlfriend Syanne. Look at the pair's dating life and how they support one another.


SuperTF and His Girlfriend Tabby: Have They Broken Up?

Dinesh Shrestha

SuperTF seems to have broken up with his girlfriend. Fans have evidence supporting this speculation. Find out how true it is.


Jimmy Failla and His Wife Jenny Marked Their 17th Wedding Anniversary

Dinesh Shrestha

Take a look into the marital life of Jimmy Failla and his wife Jenny. Learn more about her and the married duo's son Lincoln Failla.


Blaustoise Parted Ways with Long-Term Girlfriend Tea Chang

Dinesh Shrestha

Take a look at Blaustoise's relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tea Chang. Did you know she has already got a new boyfriend?

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