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Jimmy Failla and His Wife Jenny Marked Their 17th Wedding Anniversary

Dinesh Shrestha


Jimmy Failla and his beautiful wife, Jenny Failla, celebrated their seventeenth wedding anniversary this year in August. The duo’s bond has gotten better and better over the years, and they are still enjoying their blissful marital life.

In addition, the lovely couple has also welcomed a child. Well, Jimmy frequently shares his intimate moments with his family on his social media handle.

Jimmy Met His Wife at a Cleveland Comedy Club

The standup comedian initially met his wife, Jenny, in 2003 at a Cleveland Comedy Club. Eventually, Jimmy was on the stage.

The couple started dating and later decided to tie the knot. After three years of their first meeting, the lovebirds shared vows in an intimate wedding ceremony in August 2006.

Since then, Jimmy and Jenny have been enjoying their time together. Plus, he never forgets to wish his beautiful partner on her birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

While wishing his wife a happy anniversary, Jimmy often expresses amazement that their marriage has lasted as long as it has.

Jimmy tweeted in August 2017, “Happy 11th anniversary to the great Jenny Failla. And congrats on lasting 9 years longer than either of us thought!” Overall, the two always celebrate their togetherness each year.

Jimmy Failla and his wife Jenny celebrated their seventeen years of togetherness this year. [Photo: Instagram]

In 2016, the pair headed to Rome to celebrate their ten years of marriage. Humorously, Jimmy quipped on Instagram, “Hopefully, she doesn’t freak when she finds out it’s Rome, NY.”

Jenny is the woman of Jimmy’s dreams, and he frequently appreciates her on social media. This year, the pair marked their seventeen years of togetherness.

So, he posted a picture and penned, “Happy 17th Anniversary to the gal I matched with on Tinder. Sure, it happened 10 years AFTER we got married, but the point is I’m honored to call this awesome chick my wife.”

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Jimmy and Jenny Welcomed Their Son after Two Years of Marriage

Just two years after becoming husband and wife, the adorable couple of Jimmy and Jenny welcomed their first child named Lincoln Failla in 2008. The comedian frequently posts about their son.

The standup comedian once described their kid as a Ukrainian circus bear because he was six foot two inches and weighed in at 240 pounds just at the age of 12.

In an Interview with V13, Jimmy said that his son grew up around a lot of comics and a fair amount of show biz.

Moreover, he added that he had his own really nutty sense of humor. He appreciated Lincoln, saying he was better than most guests that he brought on the show with real media training.

Jimmy Failla and his wife welcomed Lincoln Failla just two years after their marriage. [Photo: Twitter]

Recently, he posted about his son playing football and penned, “Captain Lincoln Failla leading the Rams onto the field ahead of a 36-22 win.” Further, he added, “Shout out to the QB for 5 TD passes that helped me cover my bets in Vegas.”

Moreover, Lincoln also co-hosted the 2 p.m. hour of FOX ACROSS AMERICA in March 2020.

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Jimmy Acknowledges His Wife as a Multitalented Person

The standup comedian’s wife, Jenny, grew up in Ohio. She was a farm girl there and met Jimmy while he was doing stand-up comedy.

He wished her on their 14th anniversary and said that she is a multitalented person. He stated, “This gal can do it ALL. Cake making, construction, radio guest, I’ve never met anyone more talented anywhere. Heck, she even figured out how to marry up.”

He has also shared multiple cake pictures on his Facebook, which were made by his better half.

Furthermore, there are multiple sites that state that Jenny is a therapist. Unfortunately, there are no reliable sources to back up the claim.

All in all, the married duo has been enjoying their life to the fullest.