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Billy Tolley Is Enjoying a Blissful Marriage Life With His Wife

Dinesh Shrestha


TV personality Billy Tolley is married to his lovely wife, Diana Tolley. The two have been together for several years now and share a close bond.

In addition, the pair are very supportive of each other’s careers. Both of them are experts in their respective fields.

Billy’s Wife Is an Energy Facilitator and Vibrational Sound Therapist

The 50-year-old star’s wife is an energy facilitator and licensed vibrational sound therapy practitioner. She uses it as a stand-alone treatment and in conjunction with other modalities to achieve a deeper level of healing and relaxation.

Moreover, she has also developed her own unique technique for a one-of-a-kind energetic healing experience by combining modalities and essential oils.

Talking about her qualifications, she went to Cedar High School for her formal education.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she has been working as a consultant at Isagenix for 12 years now. In addition, she holds multiple certifications.

Billy’s wife Diana Tolley is a woman of multiple talents. [Source: Diana’s Instagram]

For instance, Diana has certifications in Emotion Code Practitioner and Reiki I and II, New Paradigm MDT, Basic Master Course, Raidrop Technique, and ThetaHealing.

She has also learned several modalities like Seraphim Blueprint levels 1-6, Advanced Healing, Seraphic Tour of the Solar System, and many more.

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Diana Loves Empowering Others to Unleash Their True Potential

Diana enjoys helping others realize their full potential with a sprinkle of stardust and a touch of wonder. She sees souls grow as they thrive in their unique cosmic essence.

She weaves a tapestry of magic with sound healing, EFT, energy healing, meditations, art therapy, and other techniques, guiding others on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Diana Tolley is an Energy Facilitator and Vibrational Sound Therapist [Source: Diana’s Instagram]

Diana aims to build a sanctuary of enchantment in a world where the transforming force of Human Design and other mystical practices can bring forth the dazzling light inside.

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Diana Had a Hard Time Raising Kids as a Young Mother

Billy Tolley and his wife Diana have not revealed their wedding date and other personal information. However, as per IMDB, the lovebirds have three children: two daughters and one son.

She also shared her experience in an interview with Kimberly Trefz as a young mother.

Diana tied the knot right out of high school and had children directly thereafter. Being a mother at a young age, she faced hard times.

She said, “I never went into the corporate world. I went straight into survivor mode, how to pay the bills and how to raise my kids.”

Later, it was a turning point in her life when her daughter was in middle school, and her son was in elementary school. Diana was informed that they were having issues with their son at school. The counselor brought her to the side, and her son’s teacher suspected that he had ATD (Aerosol transmissible disease).

As a young mom, she was quite naive. Therefore, she took him to a psychologist, and he was diagnosed with ADHD. She stated during that same time, her daughter was interested in boys and what she looked like.

The mother-daughter duo was working out together, and her little one was consistently putting on weight and struggling with that self-image. On the other hand, Diana was losing weight.

When they went to the doctor and checked, Diana and Billy’s daughter had an underactive thyroid. She was told by the two doctors they needed medication.

Then, later on, Diana started to dive deep into holistic nutrition energy.

All in all, she is now enjoying a blissful life with her husband and children after facing many atrocities.