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Lil Moco and His Future Wife: Proud Parents of Four

Dinesh Shrestha


Lil Moco and his to-be wife, Aury Martinez, have been together for over a decade now. Over the years, the duo faced many ups and downs in their relationship. But they believed in each other and continued their love story.

Their affection for one another becomes stronger by the day. Furthermore, the adorable couple is now parents of four children.

Lil Moco and Aury Martinez: Welcomed Four Beautiful Children

As stated earlier, the musician and his to-be wife, Aury Martinez, have been blessed with four kids: three daughters and one son. The two are raising their little ones well.

Aury has posted numerous images of their children on her Instagram account, in which they can be seen enjoying and having fun together.

Initially, the lovely duo welcomed their first child, Selena Rose, in August 2016. She took to social media to share the great news among the netizens.

Later, in November 2018, she revealed that she was again pregnant. Aury shared multiple images flaunting her cute baby bump. In June 2019, the pair added another family member named Aneles. The duo was blessed with two lovely daughters til that time.

Lil Moco and Aury Martinez have welcomed four children [Source: Aury’s Instagram]

Then, in July 2020, their third kid, Benjamin, arrived. Both of her girls were born at 39 weeks, so she had already thought that her upcoming one was going to be a big boy.

One year later, their family was completed with the addition of their third daughter, named Camillita, in 2021.

Now, they are enjoying their blissful life and spending time with their kids.

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Lil and Aury’s MySpace Love: A Mutual Friends Connection

The musician and Aury initially met through the social media platform MySpace in 2010 through their mutual friend. She was on that friend’s top list, and her beau later added her.

And as per her, the rest is history.

The couple then began to routinely share their photographs on social media, especially Aury. They both also filmed personal moments.

Aury always appreciates him and never fails to wish him on his birthday.

Lil Moco and Aury Martinez met through MySpace [Source: Aury’s Instagram]

Nevertheless, they had to face many ups and downs in their relationship. The couple also separated for a brief time in 2018. Eventually, the two reunited and continued their love story.

In 2023, the lovebirds celebrated their 13th Valentine’s Day.

She posted their picture, saying, “13 valentines with you. And an eternity to remind you every day how much I love you and how much I love what we’ve built as a family with our beautiful babies.”

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The Pair Got Engaged in 2020

Lil and Aury got engaged in November 2020. She shared a slew of photos of her engagement and the stunning ring, penning in the Instagram caption, “We got ENGAGED.”

Further, she went on to say that their love has lasted ten years and would continue to do so because they made a pledge a few days before to take not only their love but their life to a higher level of loyalty.

She added, “Respect and Gratitude towards the Love that God has blessed us with! Through molding us to the moment, we walk the isle on our Wedding day.”

Lil Moco and Aury Martinez got engaged in 2020 [Source: Image from Aury’s Instagram]

She also mentioned that she couldn’t wait for their wedding day in 2021. However, till now, the duo hasn’t shared any plans regarding their marriage.

As Aury has at times referred to her partner as a spouse, could it be they married secretly?