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Novi Brown and Her Soon to Be Husband Malcolm Cook’s Love Story

Dinesh Shrestha


Novi Brown is enjoying a lovely relationship with her now-to-be-husband, Malcolm Cook. The adorable couple has been together for several years and is still going strong.

As the adorable couple prefers to keep their personal life low-key, especially romance, they only share their few pictures on their respective social media handles.

Novi Wen Insta Official with Her To-Be-Husband in 2020

The American actress introduced her boyfriend to the netizens through an Instagram post in June 2020. She shared their picture with the ‘#blacklove.’ Then, the lovely pair often appeared on each other’s profiles.

But now, she has deleted most of the Instagram posts, including the images related to him.

Malcolm also often shared their beautiful moments. The pair have appeared together at various events, as he has shared some glimpses of their lives together.

In those posts, the pair seemed to be enjoying a great time

Novi Brown made her relationship Insta official with Malcolm Cook in 2020 [Photo; Malcolm’s Instagram]

Furthermore, he also threw a surprise birthday party for her in 2021 after she told him she never had one.

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Novi Brown’s Exciting 2022 Announcement about Her Engagement

Back in June 2022, Malcolm Cook shared a boomerang from Bet Awards on his Instagram account and revealed that the pair had gotten engaged. He penned in the caption, “We barley saw each other, but here’s how we looked. Btw that’s My Fiancé.”

Moreover, the 36-year-old actress also confirmed her engagement on August 8th when she posted her Jupiter return blessings on Twitter.

Novi Brown engaged with Malcolm Cook in 2022 [Photo: Twitter]

Then, netizens began to congratulate the sweet couple. Nevertheless, both of them never shared their engagement images on social media.

The duo also celebrated Valentine’s Day together in February this year.

Malcolm Cook Has a Daughter from a Former Relationship

Before getting engaged to Novi, Malcolm was dating someone else. From his past relationship, he has fathered a daughter named Zuri. He welcomed her in 2016 with his ex-partner.

This year, Zuri became seven years old in March.

Malcolm frequently shares his cute daughter’s pictures and videos of having fun together. For instance, in June 2021, he shared a short video of Zuri dancing when they were in the car.

It is evident from the comment section that many netizens love to see the father-and-daughter combo content.

Malcolm Cook has a daughter named Zuri from his past relationship. [Photo: Malcoml’s Instagram]

Moreover, his seven-year-old cute kid is his favorite person to spend time with. Malcolm and his former partner are co-parenting their little one well.

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Malcolm Is an Experienced Photographer and Videographer

Malcolm has been a professional photographer and videographer for quite some time now. He initially started as a camera assistant for a reality TV production company.

He also had a brief experience as a cinematographer and camera operator.

Now, he is the owner and Creative Director of VectorScope Media. Malcolm’s talent appears through his engaging camera work, with an extensive portfolio spanning all genres and collaborations with notable individuals and magazines.

Moreover, he has several years of experience in pre-production, camera work, lighting, and editing. Malcolm has previously worked for a number of well-known corporations.

Malcolm Cook currently works as a creative director at Vectorscope Media [Photo: Malcolm’s Instagram]

In November 2013, he joined National Geographic as a camera technician. He worked there for four years and went to The Washington Post.

Initially, he worked as a technician. Later, he was promoted to videographer/editor. Furthermore, he has yet another Instagram account under the name Malcolm Cook Films.

All in all, Nova and her future husband Malcolm are yet to reveal their wedding date and plans. Hopefully, the lovely duo will share the news.