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Morgan Davies Came Out as a Trans at 13

Dinesh Shrestha


Initially, the Australian actor Morgan Davies came out as a trans at the age of 13, just to few people. It was an extremely hard journey for him to tell about his sexuality.

Nevertheless, he embraced himself and focused on his passion for acting. As a result, he has now established himself as a trans-actor, giving a stellar performance in movies and series.

Morgan Davies Was Born Female as Morgana

The young actor was born female, as Morgana Davies. He played in several movies and series and also found acclaim as a young female child actress.

But later, he stepped away from filming as a ten-year-old while navigating coming out as a transgender person.

Morgan revealed in an interview with Vogue that he initially came out as a trans at 13 to his mother and his trusted agent and friend, Catherine Poulton, alongside other few close pals.

Further, he stated that it was an incredibly difficult time for him.

Morgan Davies came out as trans at the age of 13. [Source: Morgan’s Instagram]

Although those to whom he confided supported him, he wasn’t quite ready to tell his peers. He was going through a lot of thinking at that time, questioning himself, “Who the [explitive] am I and where am I going?”

After coming out, he stepped back from the spotlight as he worked to regain his confidence and resume acting.

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Morgan Wasn’t Even Ready to Leave His Room

The actor really wanted to act again, but it was really hard for him. He said, “I wasn’t even ready to leave my room, let alone go on a TV show and be like, ‘Hey, I’m Morgan.’ I didn’t even know I was Morgan. I was really confused.”

So he returned to his closet. Following that, he had a terrible several years before returning to performing. He stated,

“I couldn’t really ignore [who I was], but I couldn’t deal with it for my own sanity.” There was no place for me, no connection between what I wanted to achieve and who I was, and it was really difficult to think about.

It appeared to be adding to the proof that he couldn’t be that person. Nonetheless, he was again in demand, landing a role in the series The Girlfriend Experience.

However, he didn’t feel bad about playing a [girl] since acting is like being someone else to him. In 2020, he also played the role of trans character, coming out publicly about his sexuality.

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Morgan Brilliantly Portrayed a Trans Character Role

The Australian actor played the trans character role of Oberon in The End, a TV series, in 2020. It was the second time he had been offered the job.

Morgan previously had turned it down at 16 when his agency initially recommended it, fearing the profoundly personal nature of Oberon’s struggles with transitioning, finding a lover, and finding acceptance.

Then, he took a deep breath and consented to an audition before he could alter his mind. Eventually, he got the role. He said, “I was at school when I got the phone call and I just cried.”

Morgan Davies portrayed a trans character well in the TV series The End. [Source: Morgan’s Instagram]

Well, he was scared because of coming out as a trans publicly.

He said in an interview that Oberon’s story was very like him as the character was really depressed, and he was also a very depressed teenager.

He knew that he would have to go back into that and that it might make him feel worse, which he eventually did.

Nonetheless, he would like to see more roles for trans actors portraying happy lifestyles, which he is realizing is achievable.

The 21-year-old actor has now appeared in several movies and TV series. Recently, he worked on the series One Piece, portraying the character of Koby.