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Dakota Laden’s Relationship: One of His First Girlfriends Is Dead

Dinesh Shrestha


Dakota Laden has had multiple girlfriends in the past. Many ladies have been in and out of his life.

Among his first relationships, he dated a girl named Rachel Ulrich. The former couple had a thing going on for some time and later parted ways.

Dakota Laden’s Tragic Loss: Ex-girlfriend Passed in 2012

As stated above, the American filmmaker was in a relationship with Rachel Ulrich. As per multiple online sites, the couple dated for a short time and split up. Moreover, they have also claimed that the duo met in high school.

Regardless, it has not been clarified by Dakota yet.

But sadly, Rachel passed away at a young age in April 2012. Dakota took to Twitter to express his grief.

He revealed that she was one of his first girlfriends and was a great person. Finally, he wrote, “Way to [sic] young to die.”

Dakota Laden’s former girlfriend, Rachel Ulrich, died back in 2012 [Photo: Twitter]

Well, there is an obituary available under the name of Rachel L. Ulrich, who passed away on April 24, 2012. It’s the same day Dakota tweeted about his ex-partner.

As per the outlet, she was just seventeen years old when she left the world while battling with melanoma.

Nevertheless, it’s not confirmed whether the mentioned person is Dakota’s girlfriend or not.

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Dakota’s Heartbreak: Ex-girlfriend Cheated for 5-Month

Well, the 27-year-old has faced many ups and downs. From losing a former partner to death, he has also been a victim of infidelity.

Sadly, one of his ex-girlfriends cheated on him for five months. In 2015, he tweeted, “When you find out your Ex-Girlfriend was cheating on you for over 5 months,” with a laughing emoji.

Then, fans started to console him in the comment section. One user wrote, “Aw sweetheart its her loss and you will find someone who will be true to you believe in that [sic].”

Another user replied, “Be happy you found out. Now you are free to find someone great. I know you will choose well.”

Some even stated that she was bonkers to let someone like him let go. They showed him their support at all times.

Dakota Admitted That He Dated Multiple Girls in the Past

Dakota frequently posts his pictures and videos on his social media handles. But he hasn’t shared his dating life with the public.

In 2018, while doing a Q&A, he revealed that he didn’t have a girlfriend at that time. Nevertheless, he admitted that he had dated multiple girlfriends in the past.

In the same video, one netizen asked, “Would you ever consider dating a Ukrainian.” Then he replied, “Yeah, of course I would.”

Even though he hasn’t shared his plan regarding his marriage, his sister, Chelsea Laden, is already married and spending quality time with her husband.

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Fans’ Speculations Surrounding Dakota’s Sexuality

Dakota has garnered an enormous fan following from all around the world. As a consequence, fans are eager to know about his personal life, especially his dating life.

However, he hasn’t revealed it yet. So, the netizens have started to question his sexuality and speculate that he might be gay.

His well-wishers were divided into two groups while discussing the gay rumor. While some people have jokingly guessed that Dakota might be gay, some netizens straightly confirm it.

Fans speculations whether Dakota Laden is gay or not. [Source: Twitter]

Considering his previous relationship, it’s reasonable to assume that he might not be gay. Nonetheless, he hasn’t addressed it yet.

Some sites claimed that in 2015, he tweeted saying he wasn’t gay, but now the tweet isn’t available.