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Tarzaned Finds Love: Meet His Gorgeous Girlfriend Sophia

Dinesh Shrestha


Tarzaned is a popular Twitch streamer and esports player. From the gaming community, he garnered a huge fan base from around the world. Consequently, netizens are eager to know about his personal life, especially his girlfriend.

Nevertheless, he has been committed to a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend Sophia. The two made their romance public via social media.

Tarzaned and His Girlfriend Are Often Seen in Twitch Streams

Tarzaned made his relationship public through his Instagram profile by mentioning her in the bio section. Similarly, she also used the heart emoji to mention his name on her profile bio. However, he hasn’t yet posted her full image yet.

Even though he hasn’t shared her information, as per her Twitter bio, she is from Mexico.

Tarzaned and Sophia also went on several vacations over the years. However, the pair never shared their travel picture on social media. Moreover, Sophia has made her Instagram private.

Recently, in April, he went to Japan with his girlfriend. So, he informed the netizens that he would stream on the 29th from Korea.

Tarzaned shared the picture recently with his girlfriend on his Instagram profile [Image from Tarzaned’s Instagram (left) and Sophia’s Twitter]

Even though Tarzaned and Sophia lack social media presence, the two can be seen playing League of Legends frequently. He shared multiple videos of them playing together on his YouTube channel.

Along with his love life, netizens are also eager for his face to be revealed. Previously, the Twitch streamer just streamed with his voiceover on live.

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Tarzaned Revealed His Face Back in 2018 in a Twitch Stream

The 29-year-old streamer initially revealed his face to the folks through his Twitch stream in 2018. When he hit a hundred thousand subscribers, he uploaded a video with the title, “Tarzaned | 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS – FACE REVEAL?” where he shared his backstory.

He also said in a tweet that he would start streaming with Face cam at 100k followers on Twitch and 100k subscribers on YouTube.

So, when he hit the subscribers milestone, he revealed his face in the live stream. As it was his first stream with face cam, he seemed a little bit awkward. Many other streamers also reacted to his face reveal.

Even though he revealed his face, he only often does his facecam.

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Tarzaned Is a Popular Content Creator and Jungler in North America

Tarzaned was born on November 25, 1994, in Canada. He is a famous streamer and jungler in North America.

He has played League of Legends for several years and gained a huge fan following for his high skill at the game. For instance, he had reached rank 1 in North American SoloQ several times in Seasons 6, 8, 9, and 10.

Even though he is a very talented player, fans have witnessed his bad attitude problems. In 2019, he got banned for 30 days from Twitch.

Tarzaned, whose real name is Julian Farokhian, has garnered a huge fan following through his gaming skills [Image from Tarzaned Instagram posts]

In November 2019, just after his team won the Twitch Rivals League of Legends Showdown tournament, he revealed that he was getting banned from Twitch for 30 days due to harassing another League player.

Tarzaned was also involved in additional trouble, with Dekar accusing him of win trading. Moreover, Dekar also uploaded a YouTube video, which had Tarzaned’s voice come with his enemy clearly in the act of executing a winning trade by throwing and baiting teammates. 

This was reviewed by Riot, leading to Tarzaned’s League of Legends suspension for two weeks. Despite those problems, he has risen to the top and became a highly followed player in North America.