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Bishant Giri is a reporter and content writer at Stars Scoop. He has a pulse on Hollywood and pop-culture out of passion, and creates stories on the same. Before Stars Scoop, Bishant was a freelancer and a food blogger. He also wrote and directed a few short movies.

Bishant Giri


Beau Garrett’s Future Husband’s Pet Nearly Played As Matchmaker

Bishant Giri

Once, a pet dog practically played the role of a matchmaker. Beau Garrett almost had her future husband chosen by a pet dog.


Chase Hughes’ Wife Was His Co-Worker

Bishant Giri

Chase Hughes and his wife Sara were colleagues before they were lovers. Understandably, for them, work comes first & romance a close second.


Tanner Adell Was Adopted as A-Day-Old Infant

Bishant Giri

Tanner lives with her parents, who adopted them from her birthplace, Lexington, Kentucky, and then moved to Manhattan Beach, California.


After Spencer Broke Up With Her Boyfriend, TikTok Is Having A Hard Time

Bishant Giri

Spencer Barbosa had a hard time after her breakup with her boyfriend, Morgan Penwell, and had to take a short leave from her TikTok.


Ian Munsick’s Wife Was Also His Manager

Bishant Giri

Ian Munsick and his wife were classmates who later got married but never spoke to each other when they were in school.


The Story Of Arik Armstead And His Wife

Bishant Giri

Arik Armstead met his wife, Mindy Hardwood, when she was in med school. He had a dramatic proposal for his girlfriend and made her blush.


Nicholas Sturniolo Is Gay: Fans Ship Him With A Girlfriend

Bishant Giri

Sturniolo wasn't sure if he wanted to come out as gay. So, he talked to his triplet brothers, who inspired him to embrace his true self.


Laith Ashley’s Bestfriend Was Assumed To Be His Wife

Bishant Giri

Laith Ashley and his alleged wife, Arisce Wanzer, starred in Oxygen's Strut, a show that focused on the lives of transgender people.


Torrey Devitto, The Rumored Wife of Will Estes

Bishant Giri

Will Estes and Torrey Devitto posted photos on their social media leading fans to think they were husband and wife.


Leon Lush’s Wife Was Roasted, and People Called Him Gay

Bishant Giri

Leon Lush is happily married to his wife and they even have a baby boy. Still, controversial internet personality Andrew Tate called him gay.

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