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Beau Garrett’s Future Husband’s Pet Nearly Played As Matchmaker

Bishant Giri


A dog is a man’s best friend. If you’re skeptical, ask Beau Garrett’s once.

Beau has entertained her fans since the 1990s. Yet she still kept a mystery for her fans to question, i.e., concerns about her husband.

On the topic of her husband, there was a time when a pet dog practically played the role of her wedding matchmaker. Beau Garrett almost had her future husband chosen by a pet dog.

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The Pet Dog Was the Husband’s Best Wingman

It is believed that a dog can be a man’s best friend, but in the case of the former model and America’s gorgeous actress Beau Garrett, she saw a dog who helped her choose her would-be spouse.

Chris Payne Gilbert [Photo: Instagram]

Based on People, around 2011, Garrett said in a charity event that she first saw Director Chris Payne Gilbert’s dog and immediately fell in love with it and only later saw the pet dog’s owner watering the plants with his shirt off.

“He was watering his plants and I didn’t see him; I saw his dog,” she recalled. “And then I saw this gorgeous man with his shirt off, so it was like a double whammy.”

That singular event led to the lovebirds making headway into their relationship.

According to Liverampup, Beau started dating actor Chris Payne. They decided to live together, which was a major step in their lives.

Sadly, the couple didn’t last for long. Within the same year, the duo called their relationship off.

Garrett’s Several Dates With Her Co-actors

The Los Angeles native, Garrett, is in her early forties, but no news about her married life has surfaced.

The stunning actress dated several of her co-actors. However, as of this writing, none of those relationships ended up on an alter. Meaning she is yet to take a husband.

Beau was in a relationship with actor Kyle Howard around 2007. They dated for a few months, but things did not work out between the couple, and they went their separate ways.

Kyle Howard [Photo: Instagram]

In 2008, Hollywood had news circulated that actress Beau Garrett and Chris Pine dated. Well, it wasn’t just rumored; they indeed dated each other. They had a stable relationship when they first started to date.

After some time, fans were surprised to hear that their favorite actors had decided to end their relationship. The actors, Chris and Beau, never spoke about the reason for their split in 2010.

Chris Pine [Photo: Instagram]

Although, the actress never gave up on love.

After the split up with Chris Pine, Garrett fell in love with another handsome actor, Garrett Hedlund. The fans were happy to see their relationship flourish.

Garett Hedlund [Photo: Instagram]

But after some time, again, the news of separation hit the internet. Fans still did not know who the gorgeous actress Beau’s husband was or if she would ever be married to one.

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The Baby and Mystery Husband of The American Actress

Fans of the American actress must be glad to know that the actress has finally settled into her life.

On October 1, 2022, the Los Angeles native posted pictures of her husband and their future baby on her social media. Fans could not be more than happy and showed their love in the comment section.

The news is that they had not made any official wedding ceremony or a private wedding with near and dear ones and had kept things hush-hush online.

Fans wanted to know the gorgeous actress’s husband, but it looked like the Hollywood actress had maintained privacy for her better half’s sake.

Beau Garrett sharing facts regarding her boyfriend [Photo: Instagram]

The Los Angeles-hailing actress looked much happier in her life right now. With her newborn baby and her assumed husband, she has settled well in her life now.

Beau Garrett with her newborn baby [Photo: Instagram]

The pet dog of the American actress’s former boyfriend might have been the best matchmaker, but now she has a complete family.