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Torrey Devitto, The Rumored Wife of Will Estes

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The Bad Blood star Will Estes and Pretty Little Liars star Torrey Devitto posted a photo on their Instagram.

The fans thought they had started to date each other, and soon, in the near future, Estes and Devitto would be husband and wife.

Will Estes And His Rumored Future Wife, Torrey Devitto

Will Estes and Torrey Devitto posted photos on their social media where they looked cozy enough that their fans thought they were dating.

According to People, Devitto captioned the photo and said that the favorite accessory of 2020 – a mask must be on every ear while leaving houses.

Will Estes was in the same frame with his mask hanging in one ear. In the same photo, Devitto smiled with her chin pressed against his face.

Torrey DeVitto and Will Estes [Photo: Instagram]

Later, the Blue Blood star posted a photo of him and a woman who looked like Torrey Devitto. The two were cuddled up as the camera caught them against a beautiful cloudy skyline.

Will Estes and Torrey Devitto [Photo: Instagram]

The handsome actor captioned the photo as “Beautiful Skies.”

Both of them did not respond to their fans’ comments.

Going by the caption on Devitto’s end, it seemed like it was her house.

According to the actress’s caption, she and Estes just left her home to roam around and get some fresh air. It looked like they were living together at the beautiful actress’s house.

The Girlfriend Confirmed the Romance

Based on reports from US Weekly, the couple confirmed their romance when their cozy photo created much noise.

The gorgeous actress said that it was amazing, and they liked to keep their private lives out of the limelight and did not want to discuss it in front of the camera.

Based on the reports from Hollywood Mask, Estes and Devitto ended their relationship without any noise. The duo never became husband and wife.

There is no exact date when the actors broke up. Yet there was an assumption that they split up before Devitto went public with her relationship with David Ross.

Estes had his name linked with several other co-stars and actresses. People had speculated about him dating them and assumed one of them might even be his secret wife.

Will Estes and His Few Could Be Future-wives

The actor portrayed various roles in his acting career. The actor pulled his romantic roles in such an effective manner that his fans made the assumption that Will Estes and the fellow female actor was his real wife.

On that note, one of the actor’s more famous rumored relationships was with Rachel Boston.

Estes and Boston were in the TV drama American Dreams. The show ran from 2002 to 2005. Estes and Boston attended various red carpet-shows and posed for photographs together.

Because of that, some people started thinking of them as a real-life couple. People also thought the couple had secretly become husband and wife.

But neither of the stars had come out publicly saying they’d been married or even living together.

Based on the reports of Cheatsheet, Will Estes and Vanessa Ray were also assumed to be husband and wife based on their on-screen romance.

The handsome actor claimed Vanessa had been a friend for many years and he had a special bonding with her.

Conclusively, the Blue Blood actor does not have a wife in his life today. According to the actor’s Instagram, he has been enjoying his acting career and entertaining his fans.