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Leon Lush’s Wife Was Roasted, and People Called Him Gay

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The YouTube sensation Leon Lush has a wife whom he had secretly married. The fans did not know about his marriage as the couple only shared images after their wedding ceremony.

Lush’s wife is the one who takes care of the family and is the organizer. She celebrated their one hundred thousand subscribers with a cake shaped like a gold button from YouTube, surprising her husband.

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Leon Lush, His Wife, And Their Life

TV Guide Time claimed The YouTuber was married to Christina Simons on June 11, 2016.

They shared their wedding images after the ceremony. Their family and relatives showed love to them and shared pictures of the couple from their special day on social platforms.

Despite the six long years of marriage, no discussions, news, or even rumors have been linked to Lush and his gorgeous wife.

Additionally, there is no news of Leon having romantic relationships with other girls. There is no information about how the Instagrammer and his wife met.

Lush is grateful for his better half. She is the one who takes care of the family and supervises everything. He has admitted in the past that without Christina, he would not be where he is today.

The couple also has a child.

The Instagrammer said the most memorable day in his life was when they had their baby boy on August 11, 2018.

Although, the baby boy’s name did not come up in either of their social feeds. Evidently, Lush and his wife value the child’s privacy.

The couple made their son’s presence known to fans via Instagram, where Lush referred to his son as Lil Tomato.

Leon Lush with his newborn son [Photo: Instagram]

On August 11, 2020, they celebrated their son’s birthday and shared it with their fans.

The Lush Family celebrating their son’s second birthday [Photo: Instagram]

The Love & Support From Leon Lush’s Wife Towards Him

On June 12, 2022, the famous YouTuber and his wife celebrated their 6th marriage anniversary.

Leon Lush with his wife Christina Simona celebrating their 6th marriage anniversary [Photo: Instagram]

According to Lush’s social feed, it looked like his wife also helped him with his YouTube videos and the podcast they run. His wife is often seen with him on his podcast.

Furthermore, when the YouTuber had one hundred thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, his wife surprised him with a cake. The cake was like YouTube’s gold play button, and Lush took to Twitter and shared the happy occasion with his followers.

Leon Lush’s wife surprised him with a cake that read one hundred thousand subscribers [Photo: Twitter]

The Youtube’s wife once got roasted by a fellow social media personality. The news circulated on the internet and took the media by storm.

Leon Lush’s Wife Gets Roasted on YouTube

Andrew Tate, the popular social media personality, once roasted Leon Lush’s better half Christina Simons on his YouTube channel while reacting to the YouTuber’s comments.

He later posted the one and half minute clip on his channel.

In the video, while talking about Tate, Leon said, “He thinks women are just worthless objects basically only there to please men.”

Reacting to Lush’s words, Andrew searched Leon and his wife’s names on the internet and said,

“Do you want his wife? Cameraman, do you want his wife? No one wants his wife.”

Tate went on to call Leon gay for dating a woman that “no one wants.”

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On Social Media, Leon Lush Was Called Gay

After the video went viral, people started calling Leon gay.

But there was another tweet that predates the Tate roast. Since the original post was deleted, the tweet where he declared himself “gay and dead” has no context. Albeit, it does exist. It reads:

“I am gay and dead so I can’t argue here”

Leon Lush calling himself gay on Twitter [Photo: Twitter]

The tweet might have been a snark at other netizens or an attempt at humor. However, there is no way to say for sure.

All things considered, it is unlikely that Leon is gay as he and his wife are enjoying their life happily with their kid, who seems to be growing happily as well.