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Ian Munsick’s Wife Was Also His Manager

Bishant Giri


Ian Munsick married Caroline Rudolph Munsick, who was his manager before she was his wife.

Munsick and his wife were classmates and later got married but never spoke to each other when they were in school.

They couldn’t have imagined they would marry each other when they were graduating. Still, it was the songwriter’s wife who motivated him to follow his passion and be a country singer.

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Ian Munsick And His Gorgeous Wife’s Story

Based on Musicrow, Ian Munsick and his wife, Caroline Rudolph Munsick, met when they were students at Belmont. They studied in one class together but rarely spoke to each other.

Later she started her management career by being around the midtown bars where musicians were around, thinking music could attract business professionals.

Ian Munsick with his wife Caroline Munsick [Photo: Instagram]

Munsick’s wife started her management company, Not A Public Figure, and slowly persuaded her former classmate Ian to go and pursue his love for music.

The singer said that his wife knew he had potential in him as an artist. To Ian, an artist meant a person who could write, produce music, and perform – and he loved to do all three things.

At this point, Ian and his wife did not think they were in a relationship and only thought about business. Eventually, they could not resist their romantic chemistry and started their relationship.

Ian Munsick with his wife Caroline and his newborn baby [Photo: Facebook]

The musician and his wife welcomed their son Crawford in early 2020, and later, they took their relationship to the next step and married in Montana in the same year.

Ian Munsick and his wife, Caroline [Photo: Twitter]

The country singer later tweeted that he married the best manager in the game.

Munsick’s music video, ‘Me Against The Mountain,’ served as the couple’s wedding video. The video had all the details of their wedding.

Munsick’s wife, Caroline, added that the couple did not tell anybody they were together until they were pregnant.

The duo worried that people would not believe them or take them seriously.

Luck Came Along When Ian And His Wife Birthed Their Son

The wife said that when they announced they were pregnant and people knew the couple was together, they signed with United Talent Agency (UTA).

They cracked the deal that they would release two new songs, ‘Solo’ and ‘Mountain Time,’ from his forthcoming album on January 24, 2020.

Caroline affirmed that stars started to align, and their son Crawford was the reason for it. Just after their little angel arrived, doors started opening for the country duo.

Ian Munsick with his wife and son [Photo: Twitter]

Ian signed his publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG). And later, he signed his big deal with Warner Music Nashville.

Munsick’s newborn son changed not only his musical career but also his life and how he used to think.

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Ian’s Fatherhood Taught Him More About Life

Munsick told People fatherhood taught him lots of new stuff, and he had captured his feelings about being a father and all the lessons he learned from Crawford.

Munsick wrote them as lyrics and made a track in his new album – Little Man.

The artist laughed and added,

“This is actually a lyric in the tune, but fatherhood is teaching me how to be the man I want to be. Teaching him is actually making me a better human being, and it’s taught me that I can learn a lot from somebody who has only been on earth for three years,”

Apparently, the country singer’s son had started showing signs of being a music critic. Before his son was born, Caroline was the first ear his tracks were played to, and he always had feedback from her.

After Crawford’s birth, he slowly but surely became the ultimate judge. The toddler would, without hesitation, tell his father if he didn’t like the track, but if he did, he would ask for it to be played in a loop.