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Laith Ashley’s Bestfriend Was Assumed To Be His Wife

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Laith Ashley and Arisce Wanzer starred together in Oxygen’s Strut, a show that focused on the lives of transgender people.

In the show, both the actors portrayed their roles as transgender. It was not hard for them to portray their roles as they were transgender in real life.

Rumors came out that the actors dated during the show and that Ashley found his wife in Arisce Wanzer.

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Ashley Dated his Rumored Wife – Arise Wanzer

The favorite transgender actors were seen holding hands and walking in the midst of the road with happy faces.

According to People, Wanzer was the first to make the first move and held Ashley’s hands. The couple talked for a few minutes and then ran off into the Pacific Ocean to enjoy their time on the beach.

Laith Ashley and Arisce Wanzer in the sets of Strut [Photo: Facebook]

The model, Ashley, said Wanzer was the first transgender woman he dated. He added that people mostly got obsessed over body parts. When he dated Wanzer, it was a lot different.

Neither his rumored wife, Wanzer, got obsessed over his body parts, nor did they talk about the topic.

The actors dated for a while and later separated. Neither of the actors let the public know why they decided to part ways.

However, they still show support for their gender and participate in events together.

Laith and Arisce Show Support For Their Gender

Despite their separation, Laith Ashley considers Arisce Wanzer one of his best friends and has a close relationship with her based on the reports from Pride.

The Human Rights Campaign Dinner hosted an event in Los Angeles. The list of attendees included every color of the rainbow flag as they fought for their equality.

The Strut pair also made their appearances at the event. In an interview, he said that everyone fought for the same thing he was fighting for.

Everybody was coming together for the same cause, which meant a lot to him.

He admitted that he was not always as confident and composed. He, too, had his lows, but the best part of the community was that they would come together to pick one another back up in times of need.

Ashley’s best friend, Wanzer, also attended the event. She believed in attending events like those and representing their gender, especially in hard times.

She valiantly advocated:

“The more rights we allow them to take from us, the more they’re going to push to take away. Everyone’s on the chopping block. This isn’t just about trans rights. It’s about all of our rights. It’s about human rights”

While talking about gender equality and transgender, people wanted to know how a person changed their gender and what the challenges were.

Understandably, it was difficult for Ashley to adjust to his new gender. He fought hard battles for his transition.

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The Story of Transgender Model Laith Ashley

According to SportsKeeda, when Ashley was still a 17-year girl, he found himself having romantic feelings for a girl, and in front of his family, he came out as homosexual.

When Ashley was 19, he was unaware of being transgender, so he would call himself gay.

Once, he found a video on YouTube where guys documented a video of their transition, and Ashley could visualize himself in the video and knew the term transgender.

According to GQ Magazine, the Strut actor started his modeling work when one of his trans friends suggested attending the Barneys trans campaign.

Soon, one of his photographer friends had done his photoshoot, which went viral on Instagram.

Ashley got numerous negative messages which made him emotionally weak and exposed. He felt so bad and was about to delete his Instagram account. Eventually, he got encouragement from actress Laverne Cox.

After a few weeks, Ashley reposted the same image. Gradually he started to get support and love from the community.

Vogue said he got his major break when he appeared in Calvin Klein Briefs. He became the first-ever transgender man to be shot by David LaChapelle in a Diesel campaign.

After that, he never had to look back or feel ashamed of his gender as top and exclusive brands called him for collaborations.

The transgender actor has been living his lavish life with his family, and he never misses going to his gym as he wants to live a fit and healthy life.