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Tanner Adell Was Adopted as A-Day-Old Infant

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Tanner Adell’s non-biological parents adopted her when she was barely a day old. The country singer’s parents took her to their house in Manhattan Beach, California.

Before Tanner was adopted, her adoptive parents had adopted two of her brothers. Later, they adopted two more children, who are now her younger sister and brother.

The Country Singer Tanner Adell: Details of Her Parents

Tanner lives with her parents, who adopted them from her birthplace, Lexington, Kentucky, and then moved to Manhattan Beach, California.

According to an exclusive interview with UVU, Tanner stated that the adoption took place when she was barely a day old.

Young Tanner Adell is a daddy’s girl [Photo: Instagram]
Tanner Adell with her parents and brothers [Photo: Instagram]

Tanner’s two brothers were adopted before her, and she has a younger brother and sister who were adopted eight years after her adoption.

The Influence Of Country Music In Tanner’s Life

Tanner visited many places while she was growing up.

When the gorgeous singer was growing up, she spent much time on the beaches of Manhattan in Southern California and in a small town named Star Valley in Wyoming.

Tanner went to school in SoCal, Los Angeles County. The singing sensational spent her summer in Wyoming.

In Star Valley, her family had a ranch with horses, chickens, goats, and cows where she felt she gravitated towards the green countryside and the open spaces and walked freely in the fresh air for miles.

This might be one of the reasons she was pulled towards country music. Growing up, her childhood was mostly based around and in the countryside, and she became more attached to the lifestyle.

The country sensation reported to UVU that with the support of her adoptive mother, she had built a foundation full of confidence for music at Utah Valley University.

Tanner Adell Inherited Music from Her Biological Father

Tanner learned later in her life about her biological father, who was a rapper in the 1990s in Atlanta. This could be the source of her singing skills because her non-biological parents do not relate to music.

Tanner said in an interview with Country Now,

“Growing up, my adopted parents weren’t singers. They didn’t play any instruments. I was just this all-encompassing musician. So, when people were like, ‘Where does she get that?’ They were like, ‘We don’t know!”

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Although her mother was not into music, her father was into early jazz as well as the 80s and 90s R&B, which affected Tanner’s music knowledge. The young country singer and her father would often listen to these genres when driving around.

Tanner stated her parents were her best friends and have always supported her career choice.

Without her family’s support, she might not have been curious about music, let alone play any musical instrument or start to sing.

Her fans owe considerable appreciation and tons of thankful messages to her parents because they are the core reason the music industry has a talented country singer who never fails to please her fandom.

Even though her parents are not biological parents, Tanner has always been loved and cared for. Tanner has always spoken highly of her family.

Her fans will always be searching for who her birth parents were and the nationality and age of her non-biological parents. However, that is Tanner’s secret to keep.