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The Story Of Arik Armstead And His Wife

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Arik Armstead met his wife, Mindy Hardwood, when she was in med school. He had a dramatic proposal for his girlfriend and made her blush.

The entrepreneur married his girlfriend after dating her for almost five years, and now they have two wonderful kids.

Arik Armstead And His Future Wife: Their Love Story

Armstead and his wife shared their story with The Player’s Tribune in a Facebook video.

According to Armstead, when they were first introduced, he was confident that if he face-timed his Mindy, she would like him.

The entrepreneur was extremely attracted to his wife. Although Hardwood was exceptionally beautiful, Armstead fell for her ambition.

Mindy stated that she met him in med school. She was nervous to start their relationship because she had invested so much in her career that she could not vision herself reaching her goals.

Eventually, Armstead pushed Hardwood, and she reached her goal.

As a result, Hardwood finished her general residency for psychiatry and joined a child-and-adolescent fellowship. She treated kids, which was important to her because she wanted to make a difference sooner.

The couple credited their hard work in their respective fields and respected each other’s work. Both of them spoke highly of the amount of inspiration and motivation they got from each other’s hard work.

Armstead stated that it was amazing to form an alliance with your life partner and not jusr support each other. The entrepreneur’s dream was to start a family, and he was super excited to start that journey with their little daughter.

Arik Armstead’s Amazing Proposal

According to TMZ, the defensive end player once said that he had the hottest girlfriend, who also happened to be a doctor. The outlet had caught the NFL player and Hardwood in a stadium when they were watching a match.

Arik Armstead with his girlfriend Melinda Hardwood in a packed stadium [Photo: Instagram]

According to Showbizcorner, the Philanthropist proposed to his future wife on February 19, 2019, at The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills in a dramatic way.

He got down on one knee. She blushed. Armstead proposed. She said yes! He slid the ring into her finger. Just like that, they were engaged.

Arik Armstead wishing his wife Mindy Hardwood a happy birthday [Photo: Instagram]

On June 20, 2020, Armstead and Hardwood had a picturesque wedding in Santa Barbara. Based on the social media photos from their wedding, the wedding was a lavish event.

Arik Armstead and Mindy Hardwood in their marriage ceremony [Photo: Instagram]

The beautiful pair have two beautiful kids, but they tend to keep their information private.

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The Couple Have Two Beautiful Children

Armstead and his wife are blessed with two cute children. Unfortunately, the couple has not revealed the children’s names to the public.

The couple values the children’s privacy so much so that even the children’s birthdays haven’t been made public.

Arik Armstead with his wife and two daughters [Photo: Instagram]

The blessed couple has two daughters. The elder daughter is three years, and the youngest daughter is only a year old.