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After Spencer Broke Up With Her Boyfriend, TikTok Is Having A Hard Time

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Spencer Barbosa is a famous celebrity who had a recent breakup with her boyfriend. She let her fandom know the story of the separation via TikTok. It was heartbreaking to both Barbosa and her fandom.

The social media influencer had a hard time after her breakup and had to take a short leave from her TikTok. After coming back to TikTok, she faced her fans and left them in awe.

Barbosa drew confidence from her fans and made a comeback to TikTok, which made all the fans glad.

Spencer Had A Hard Time In TikTok

The 20-year actress, who has portrayed roles in movies like Starseeker, broke her social media with her fan comments when she announced her break up from her then-boyfriend, Morgan Penwell, on TikTok.

Spencer Barbosa and her boyfriend, Morgan Penwell [Photo: Instagram]

According to Distractify, Barbosa and her boyfriend Morgan occasionally posted videos on the influencer’s feed. Morgan suddenly stopped posting, and fans were left with the obvious question.

Their last post came in February 2023.

Spencer posted a video on her Tiktok on April 15 and told her fans about her breakup. She shared that it was a mutual breakup with her boyfriend Morgan.


thank you guys so much for always being here for me❤️‍🩹idk what i would do without you💔

♬ original sound – spencer barbosa🧚🏻

After the Canadian native posted the news on the social media TikTok, fans started to jump into the comment sections and started soothing the We Are Savvy host.

Barbosa eased the worries of her fans about her emotional well-being and assured them that she was on her way to finding happiness.

The TikTok star and her boyfriend ended their relationship in a mutual split-up.

The Reason For Barbosa And Her Boyfriend’s Mutual Breakup

Barbosa did not fully clarify the reason for her breakup in her TikTok video but said they ended their romantic life on friendly terms a few weeks ago.

The influencer also stated the reason for not making an immediate announcement after her breakup with her boyfriend. She wanted to process the split herself, not in front of a camera.

She did not want any comments or judgment passed.

Spencer Morgan with her ex-boyfriend Morgan on a trip [Photo: Instagram]

In the Tiktok video, the social media influencer also mentioned she would like to find zero negative comments about her ex-boyfriend.

If she found any, then she would block the user. The TikToker told her fans there was no tea gossip or drama surrounding the split, and it was totally on a mutual basis.

Based on the TikTok video, which went viral, Barbosa acknowledged Morgan Penwell as her first love and told her fandom that both of them loved each other way too much which would not change because of their separation.

Spencer added,

“Morgan is my first love. He will always be my first love. He is an amazing, amazing man, and there is no bad blood. We ended on really good terms.”

Barbosa has one of the better fanbases. She got support from her fandom, and even her ex-boyfriend helped her relax and calm down.

Morgan And Barbosa’s Fans Help Soothe Spencer

Even though the couple broke up, they do not have a hate relationship with each other as both of them ended their relationship in a good mood.

The Creative Director @TEAMLTD Morgan Penwell has supported the Canadian actress and stated it was “all love,” to which Barbosa replied with a heart emoji.

Reading their comments, it seems both want to stay as good friends in the upcoming days.

Spencer Throws Her First Video After The Breakup

Post the breakup, Spencer was quiet on her social media.

After a while, she made another video that reflected on her ex-boyfriend and their separation.

She used make-up kits and tried covering her teary face, but fans watching the video could tell she was still healing.

While the video was playing, Barbosa sang the lyrics to famous singer Billie Eilish’s song: “I’ll be in denial for at least a little while; what about the plans we made?”

The Canadian actress captioned that video,

“This song hits a little too good rn.”

People blamed Spencer, saying she was the one who first broke up with Morgan, but it might just be speculation.

Despite their mutual separation decision, the mystery will still remain: why did the couple break up?