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Nicholas Sturniolo Is Gay: Fans Ship Him With A Girlfriend

Bishant Giri


Fans of the TikTok star Nicholas Sturniolo had long speculated that he was gay.

Sturniolo wasn’t sure if he wanted to let the world know about his being gay. So, he talked about it with his triplet brothers. They were the source of inspiration for the star to talk about it on their YouTube channel.

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The TikTok Star Officially Announced Being Gay

Nicholas Stutniolo had stated in his bio that he is gay, and so are his two brothers.

Stutniolo joined his triplet brothers on their YouTube channel for a video they titled: Coming Out Story Time very personal.’ As the name suggests, the video outlined his journey of coming out of the closet and letting the world know he was gay.

He stated in his YouTube video that after he opened up to his fans with the news of his being gay, he felt relieved.

An enormous weight was lifted off him, giving him more self-confidence to do more crucial things in his life.

The Internet sensation thought he started liking boys when he was in his eighth standard. Although, he was unsure about it.

According to Sturniolo, when he opened up to his brothers about his being gay, it gave him more confidence to talk about it in public.

He also posted about it on his Instagram account on April 24, 2020.

Nicholas Sturniolo stating he is gay and spreading love to the gay community [Photo: Instagram]

The elaborate caption beside his monochrome portrait read that it had been two years since he came out and expressed his gender. After his revelation, his life was better.

He had made many friends, and his relationship with his brothers had significantly evolved. They were now his best friends. After he expressed himself as gay, his life changed gradually.

Further, Sturniolo extended a hand of friendship and love to all gay people.

The Massachusetts native has a girl who is around the triplet brothers. Who is the girl? Is she related to Sturniolo?

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Is Nicholas Sturniolo Bisexual?

Based on the reports from Legit, the internet sensation is gay and has no mention of ever having dated a girlfriend.

Based on Sturniolo’s Instagram, it has been two years since the YouTuber posted, wishing happy birthday to a girl named Madi Filipowicz. In return, she has also shared their images on her Instagram.

After the post, his fans wondered if the social media personality was bisexual and in a relationship with Filipowicz.

Since Filipowicz was in most of his Instagram posts and often around the triplet brothers, it looked like they were best friends and not involved in a romantic relationship.

Nicholas Sturniolo with his girlfriend Madi Filipowicz [Photo: Instagram]

Sturniolo and Filipowicz have known each other for a couple of years. Both of them post about each other on their social media.

Sturniolo has not stated anywhere regarding his being bisexual. According to his social feeds, he is gay and enjoys hanging out with his triplet brothers and best friend.

Filipowicz owns a clothing brand named Second Choice. She promotes her brand in social feeds.