Charity Gayle and Her Huband Welcomed Their Kid on Christmas

Himal Ale Magar

Charity Gayle and her husband, Ryan Kennedy, spread the gospel through song. Read about their joyous pregnancy announcement and the baby.


Andrew Bustamante and His Wife Are Both Former Spies

Prasiddha Gautam

Andrew Bustamante first met his wife, Jihi Bustamante, in an orientation. They now share two children after leaving their lives as spies.


Ali Macofsky Met Her Boyfriend Through Tinder

Himal Ale Magar

Ali Macofsky, who stayed single for her brand image, had a secret boyfriend. The comedian revealed she met him on Tinder.


Meet PFT Commenter’s Wife, Stephanie Sollenberger

Suyasha Rupakheti

Introducing you to PFT Commenter's wife, Stephanie Sollenberger. Did you know they have been together for more than a decade?


Emma Lovewell and Her Boyfriend Enjoyed Their First Trip to Italy

Prasiddha Gautam

Emma Lovewell is enjoying a blissful relationship with her boyfriend Dave Clark. The duo had a great time in Italy.


Heather McMahan Didn’t Let Covid Tamper Wedding With Husband

Himal Ale Magar

Heather McMahan and her husband had to postpone their wedding because of COVID-19. Later, they had a blast in Italy.


Billy Tolley Is Enjoying a Blissful Marriage Life With His Wife

Dinesh Shrestha

TV personality Billy Tolley is married to his lovely wife, Diana Tolley. The pair are also proud parents of three children.


Is the Lady Seen With Spencer Lofranco at Gotti Premier His Wife?

Prasiddha Gautam

Spencer Lofranco had attended the Gotti premiere with a beautiful lady. The duo looked perfect for one another. Is she his wife?


Mike Majlak Is Smitten with His New Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Mike Majlak who has often joked about his girlfriend is finally in a relationship. The YouTuber was previously commited to Lana Rhoades.


Luis J. Gomez’s Girlfriend Said That He Owes Her Child Support

Prasiddha Gautam

Luis J. Gomez has a humorous girlfriend who posts funny things on her Twitter account. Did you know they have dated for 5 years?