Jeremiah Watkins Has Only Been With One Lady, That’s His Wife

Prasiddha Gautam

Jeremiah Watkins is living a wonderful life with his wife Maja Watkins. The pair have welcomed two sons and are enjoying their family life.


OnlyJayus Was Cheated In the Past, But Now Has a Lovely Partner

Prasiddha Gautam

OnlyJayus, who claimed to be cheated by her former partner, has moved on to a new relationship. Her current partner is Brittany Dejardo.


Erika Ishii’s Current Partner: She Had a Boyfriend of Six Years

Himal Ale Magar

Erika Ishii is currently dating her partner, Lyra Levin, a circus performer. She was previously in a 6-year relationship with Teagan Morrison


Icewear Vezzo Made His Wife Kiara Smith a Multi-Millionaire

Binesh Shrestha

Discover how Icewear Vezzo fulfilled his promise to his wife Kiara by making her a millionaire and buying her a house - a story of belief!


Mat Armstrong and His Girlfriend Celebrating Years of Love

Suyasha Rupakheti

Mat Armstrong and his girlfriend, Hanna Smith, are interested in cars. They have known each other for ages now. Learn more about her.


Ashley Gavin Is Back With Her Former Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar

Ashley Gavin and her former girlfriend Jen Parker Davis are back together. See why they broke up with their decision regarding couple content,


Did Adam Ferrone’s Wife Turn Down His Proposal At First?

Prasiddha Gautam

Adam Ferrone is enjoying his life with his wife Allison Ferrone. The pair has been together for many years now. Look at their love story.


Dr. John & His Wife, Sheila Delony: 26 Years and Still Going Strong

Prasiddha Gautam

Dr. John Delony & wife, Sheila Delony, are celebrating 26 years of successful marriage. Learn the secret to their marital bliss!


The Power of Love: Garand Thumb & His Current Wife’s Story

Suyasha Rupakheti

Get to know the marital journey of Garand Thumb and his wife Ashley Jones, and the heart-warming captions they share on social media.


Mark Goldbridge Rarely Shares About His Wife and Married Life

Binesh Shrestha

Mark Goldbridge has kept his wife private for over a decade. Married in Ireland, they celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary recently.

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