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Andrew Bustamante and His Wife Are Both Former Spies

Prasiddha Gautam


Andrew Bustamante is living a blissfully married life with his wife, Jihi Bustamante, who is also a former spy. The duo left the CIA so that they could give their child a life without lies.

Now, the married couple are proud parents of two beautiful children, a son and a daughter.

Andrew Bustamante Met His Wife at an Orientation

Bustamante, the former spy, had a fated encounter with his beautiful partner at an orientation. At the initial phase of their relationship, they didn’t even know each other’s full names and were communicating through a secure system.

The pair worked together and claimed that they were right and left hands for the government.

After getting married, they served on several cases together. The 43-year-old’s specialty was in operations, while his lover specialized in targeting.

Bustamante with his lover during one of their date nights. [Photo: Bustamante’s Instagram]

In the year 2014, a year after the birth of their first son, he opted to resign as a covert agent and also talked to his other half in order to leave the CIA.

Fast forward to this day, both of them are living a heavenly life with their children. Plus, they are also enjoying adventurous/romantic moments without worrying about getting their cover blown out.

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Jihi Bustamante Is a Former Intelligence Officer

Like Bustamante, Jihi is also an intelligent and multi-talented lady. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida. She pursued a Master of Social Work at Florida State University.

Jihi later completed her Doctor of Law (JD) from Florida State University College of Law.

To kick start her career, she first of all became a Program Manager at Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services. After a year, she became an Intelligence Officer who served with cross-functional and remote teams around the world.

Well, she managed risky security and intelligence procedures.

Bustamante and his wife married when they were spies. [Photo: Bustamante’s Instagram]

Furthermore, she played a vital role in identifying, evaluating, tracking, and monitoring terrorist attacks and managing disruptive events. Further, she also safeguarded U.S. persons and interests in Asia.

Eventually, Jihi resigned from her post as Intelligence Officer in 2014 and became a senior business analyst at CVS Health. Plus, she was also employed as a private investigator simultaneously.

She served together with her husband at CVS Health, who was a Senior Advisor at the company. However, she left both of her jobs and worked as a Senior Intelligence Instructor at Defense and Space Contractor for a short span of time.

Now, Jihi is a Chief Operating Officer at EverydaySpy, which is a company founded by her husband. She has created content strategies, done research, and written content translated espionage.

Overall, the pair collaborate together for the betterment of their future and have balanced their professional network and social settings.

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Proud Parents of Two and Crossed 13 Years of Togetherness

A lot has changed in the lives of Bustamante and Jihi after the birth of their two children. The lovely couple was gifted with their first son, Sina, who was born in February 2013 and is currently 10 years old.

Their daughter Alai was born in July 2017 and is 6 years old now.

Moreover, the former CIA likes to joke with his children and make fun posts about their day together.

Well, the lovebirds celebrated their 12 years of togetherness in May 2022. Further, this year, they have already passed their 13th anniversary.

The former spy and his other half are doting parents whose caring nature is seen through their social media. They have uploaded many moments with their children since they were little.

When Bustamante is away from his family, he wrote on his Instagram post that he would see the framed picture of his family as the first thing he did after waking up and the last thing he did before he slept.

He recently went on an adventure to Colorado with his family to take a break from his busy life. T

He felt refreshed after spending cherishing moments and breathing fresh mountain air and a grilled dinner every sunset.